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A Study in Red: The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper
Brian L Porter

ISBN: 9781554045273

When Robert Cavendish inherits a strange set of papers from his father, he has no idea what he is about to discover. But when he begins to turn the age-old pages, handed down from generation to generation, he learns that what he now has before him is the secret journal of Jack the Ripper himself. As the story unfolds, Cavendish feels he is being drawn into the mind of the Ripper.

Brian L Porter has so very cleverly mixed fact with fiction that I found Jack the Ripper was being vividly brought to life before my eyes. I have always been fascinated with any writings of Jack the Ripper. However, this was different. The fictitious, secret journal, portraying the murders in Whitechapel during the last months of 1888, could really have been written by Jack the Ripper himself. In fact, the descriptions of how the victims were butchered, together with the innermost feelings of the murderer seemed so real that I still find it difficult to believe that it is a work of fiction. It almost seems as though Brian L Porter managed to get into the Ripper’s head. This is a brilliant, spine-tingling novel. I found it to be a superb un-put-downable read and I can thoroughly recommend it to everyone who enjoys a dark sinister novel.

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