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Borealis A Space Anthology Book 2 - Burkhart, Mitchell, McMaster, Authors

Borealis – A Space Anthology Book Two – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
Shadows and Light – Stephanie Burkhart, Author
“Get it off me!”  Elijah and Dax turned in the direction of the cry.  A civilian dressed in a dark green overcoat ran past Korn, the latest bar to open on the main commerce level… “Uudon overdose?” asked Dax.  “Let’s hope he’s not contagious,” said Elijah.  “Let’s go.”… Dax was three paces behind Elijah.  The OD had collapsed.  His breathing was labored, his eyes were blood red and white foam dribbled over his chin.  A person in a dark cloak ripped off the OD’s sleeve.  An obsidian patch, two inches in diameter, covered the OD’s bicep.  “Stop!” cried Elijah.  Startled, the figure bolted up.  Elijah drew in a breath and took off in a sprint.
Uudon is a drug induced by the Trans Planetary Protectorate or TPP to control those they determine need controlling.  The usage has become so common that there is now a rush between the TPP and the Rebels to find a cure for the addiction.  The TPP have come up with a patch which works but in the most drastic way…it kills the user.  TPP enforcer Elijah Kantor and Rebel spy Persephone must put their heads together and fight this battle together before others die.
Liberty’s Flight – Esther Mitchell, Author
“Right behind you, Tasia,” she addressed her friend, even as she turned toward the buxom blonde who stood poised in the doorway, her dark blue skin suit revealing far more than it covered.  Bile rose in Libby’s throat as she glanced down at her own, a paler, powder blue, and looking a lot more like nightclothes than a dress.  Small wonder Jake “Skin” Ruby wanted her to work for him.  She was a step shy of hooking, already dressed like this.  But she’d fended him off, so far.  She wasn’t about to become one of the Undon-addicted sex slaves.  Not if she planned to keep any self-respect, or face her daughter in the morning.
Liberty Ardine and her daughter Nala had escaped the clutches of her husband only to find herself working for Skins Ruby as a dancer.  But even this life was better than the one she had left.  Libby’s husband had planned to turn their daughter Nala over to the highest bidder for his own personal gains up the ladder of power.  Nala was special with a special power that the governing rulers of Borealis wanted.  But when Nala is kidnapped it takes Libby and a rebel named Sam, going up against their most feared enemy to steal her back.
Blue Lies – Shea McMaster, Author
‘Information was the name of her game and the station on the edge of conquered space was rife with it.  If one knew how to dig it out, and she did, one could discover the most fascinating things, many of which were useful to the Rebellion.  However, there were problems.  Number one, her cover might be compromised and not just because Kev would arrive soon.  Or she’d find him.  Damn kid.  He didn’t belong here, didn’t understand her delicate position.  One hint she might be spying for the rebels and her reliable sources would dry up.  Or worse, her tentative meet for later in the month would fall through, or turn her over to the TPP, and she could even find herself tossed into the infamous prison on the lower levels of the station.  She brushed at her hair to hide her shudder at the very thought.’
Summer Merriweather or Merri Sumner or Sunset Mirran, a professional Dominatrix…how many names has this woman gone by?  That is the question TPP Commander Kal Raines plans to find out.  What is this fairy of a woman hiding?  Can she be trusted?  An even bigger question is can he trust himself while with her?  She could easily be a rebel.  But boy is she quickly getting under his skin.
I read Borealis – Book One which was very entertaining.  I couldn’t see how the authors could make the stories even better, but they have.  Book Two consists of three separate stories with connections to each other.  I’m now crossing my fingers that there will be a Book Three.  And Shea McMaster, please continue with the touch of humor in your writings.  I loved it!
Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN# 978-1-936000-97-5

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