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Dylan’s Tale - Harry Porter - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

“Do you know what it’s like to wake up every day and be afraid?  I did.  I was just a few weeks old when I was taken from my mother, a tiny Bedlington Terrier puppy, all cute and cuddly as puppies always are.  Being a puppy at home with my mother was just great.  My two brothers and sisters would play with me all day long until we’d get tired.  Then we’d curl up beside Mum, and have a good sleep.  Mum would feed us all regularly, and we soon grew bigger and stronger… After the warmth and the love and security of living with my mother and my brothers and sisters, it came as quite a shock when one day, the lady who looked after all of us took me from my mother and sold me to a man, who, right from the time he got me back to his home, seemed to enjoy making my life as miserable as possible.”

Dylan is a Bedlington Terrier which is known for its speed and the fact that it looks somewhat like a sheep.  Dylan’s new owner decided that due to his speed, he would make a good dog for rabbit hunting.  But the man was without patience and would kick and beat Dylan when he didn’t follow orders.

If you’ve read Tilly’s Tale you already know that Dylan will be rescued, but it’s the hardships leading up to the rescue, the unlikely person who actually rescues him and how he allows trust back into his life that makes the story so precious.  This wonderful true story had me crying tears of sadness by the time I'd reached page 3, and at the end, I cried again, but this time, with tears of relief and happiness for Dylan.   If you’re an animal lover, you can’t help but love this series of “Tales” which started with Tilly’s Tale, continued to Dylan’s Tale and will soon be extended to Charlie’s Tale.  These heartwarming stories will have you hooked from book one.

4RV Publishing
38 Pages
ISBN# 978-0-9828346-1-9

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