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So, you're going to stop flying...... Women in love are very possessive. They don't want their man going off and getting killed." Kelby turned back to his glass and took a swallow of scotch. "Your Dorothy won't be any different. Once she's got you nailed down, she'll nail your feet to the floor." This was Kelby's take on women and love.

What does a World War I pilot do with his life after the war? Answer - If you're Nick Kelby you go to work for the US Postal Service as an airmail pilot. Sure the risks are great. The odds of survival are very low. Between the conditions of the planes and the lack of a decent weather forecast the chances of surviving are very slim. But if your love for flying and adventure are as great as Kelby's, you live for the challenge. Kelby has had his dance with death through crashing his planes. Will his luck run out when he crashes in a field in Ohio or will he survive to fly again?

Victoria is a nurse who runs a local clinic in the town of Hagers Lake, Ohio. She served her time as a nurse during the war and is now ready to settled back in her hometown to take on the cuts, broken bones and sometimes birthing of babies. But that isn't all she finds as she performs her duty of taking care of the people of her little town. Victoria knows the pains and death of war but is she prepared to handle the beatings administered by a drunken husbands inflict on their wifes and kids? And can she save them from the possibility of beatings that could easily turn into death? Victoria's life plate is full with her devotion to her work but she soon finds there is room for more when Kelby crashes his plane into her life.

I really enjoy a book that entertains me as well as teaches me. Face of Destiny is one that has done both. This book was very well researched and it shows through the story itself and the history of the Airmail pilots and the conditions of life after World War I.

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Interest grabbing, attention focused, and my dear you have the makings of getting a good review in print. Keep that up girl and you will be a great reviewer! Nice job and I do look forward to your reviews as they are getting better. Do you find they are easier to write now that you have several under your belt? I do. Regards, Clark
Yes, they are getting better. Please tell me what you do when your asked to write a review on a book that you really didn't enjoy.

I do have others that I'll be moving over on other books of members of the group. I'll try to get some of them done this weekend.


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