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By Brian L Porter


Review: Glastonbury (5 Stars)


When Malcolm Capshaw, a leading businessman, asks Joe Cutler, head of Strata Survey Systems, to seek out an ancient relic at Glastonbury, the home of Christianity in England, he jumps at the chance. A find such as this could turn his small company into a household name. However, only after he and his crew of three begin work, do they slowly learn that all is not what it seems.

Why are the Maitland brothers, a couple of evil and sadistic crime leaders in the east end of London so interested in what is happening at Glastonbury? Why is Walter Graves, a historian hired by Capshaw to oversee the search, watching them so closely on the dig?

Brian L Porter paints a very vivid picture of a group of innocent people caught up in a plot of deceit and betrayal. I could feel myself wanting to call out to Joe and his friends to look behind them, as the sinister Graves plots their downfall with Capshaw. Even when Joe and his friends begin to piece together the real reason for their being in Glastonbury, Graves is always one step ahead of them. And behind, in the shadows, are the corrupt Maitland brothers, making me hold my breath every time they put in an appearance. Can Joe Cutler and his crew outwit them all?

I found this to be an excellent read, I could hardly put the book down. There’s also a really great twist at the end. Something I certainly didn’t see coming. Well done, Brian L Porter! You have done it again! 


Eileen Thornton – Author                                                                                                                                                  




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