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I have one wish right now and that is to find a man like Hannah's Man. For someone who seldom reads romance books I found this one to be so warming and loving. Hannah is a hard working woman trying to save her father's ranch. Rusty is a hard working cowboy in love with his life long girlfriend Jennifer. But the Travers name and the promise a Travers makes come 1st with Rusty. And the promise Rusty made to his family and Hannah was a promise of marriage to save the ranch.

Will this marriage actually take place? Will the ranch be saved? What will happen to poor Jennifer if Rusty marries Hannah? And what is the Vegas secret that Hannah keeps from Rusty about her past. Find out for yourself as YOU read one of the sweetest romances I've ever read.

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Your reviews are just wonderful. Glad that you are on board and posting them. Makes for more interest on the other people who follow reviews. With the number of books being written and reviewed we cannot have enough people who give their opinions about what they have read.

Keep up the good work.



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