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I’ve followed SBI Agent Logan Hunter through her internship at Genesis Beach as she solved her first murder. I followed her through the NC Mountains in Just North of Luck as she solved yet another murder. Now I’ve followed her into the NC backwoods as she tries to survive in Hell Swamp while solving the murder and gutting of Clara Banoak.

Clara is a widow and getting up in age so who would want to murder her as if she was an animal? The answer is everyone. Clara was the most hated person in the whole area around Hell Swamp. She hated hunters and wasn’t afraid to tell them or anyone else that would listen. But Clara’s death isn’t the only mystery. Cats and dogs are starting to become missing. Is there a cult running loose in Hell Swamp? And is this cult possibly connected with the church that allows its members to drink poison and handle rattle snakes?

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Martha, you did it again, nice review!


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