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There are two authors that I've followed by reading all of their sequel novels. One is Patricia Cornwell's Dr. Scarpetta and the other is James Patterson's Alex Cross. I now have another favorite to follow and that is Susan Whitfield's SBI Agent Logan Hunter. In fact, she may now be my #1 choice in sequels due to Whitfield's style of writing. Whitfield adds a twist to murder mysteries making the story more believable. That added twist is humor which makes the stories more realistic.

In Just North of Luck Logan Hunter is assigned to the mountains of North Carolina in search of "Moon Shiners." That assignment is soon put on the back burner when school employees start turning up murdered or have mysterious accidental deaths. Logan is teamed up with Detective Chase Railey to find the killer. You'll follow Logan as she tramples through kudzu, goes to her first Testicle Festival, rents a room from a woman who runs around at night in the nude and connects with a wolf. You will also follow her as she gets her man, or should I say men.

I've read Genesis Beach where Logan was first introduced and loved it. Just North of Luck, which is the 2nd book in the series, was even better. I can't wait to read the 3rd book Hell Swamp.

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