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Moonlighting in Vermont - Kate George, Author

Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

“Bella Bree MacGowan,” he repeated. “I am authorized to detain you on the suspicion of murdering Vera Post. Will you come with me please.” It wasn’t a request.

Bree MacGowan was the last person, anyone that knew her, would suspect of murder. She owned her own farm which became a rescue haven for animals. So many animals in fact that she worked two jobs just to keep them in food. Her main source of income came from being a paste-up artist for the Royalton Star owned by her best friend Meg who was married to Police Captain Thomas Maverick. Her part-time job was working as a housekeeper for Whispering Birches, a secluded resort that catered to the rich and famous. It was at Whispering Birches that Bree found the body of Vera Post, the head of housekeeping.

Why would anyone kill Vera? Easy answer. Everyone hated Vera, including her own sister. She enjoyed making trouble, spreading rumors, telling lies, plus she was just down right mean. So why pick Bree out of the pack as the number one suspect? She found the body and her fingerprints were all over the room.

Bree is as stubborn as a pit bull. When she grabs onto something she won’t let go. Her determination shows through as she tries to prove her innocence and find the real killer. And no one can stop her, especially Lieutenant Brooks, the arresting officer. Her quest to prove her innocence has her kidnapped, carted around in the trunk of a car, handcuffed to a bed and stabbed with a pair of scissors. But she still won’t give up.

In Moonlighting in Vermont, Author Kate George uses her style of writing to actually put humor in kidnappings, attempted murder and even murder itself. I thoroughly enjoyed following Bree through her comical situations as she took life one day at a time. The story and characters are so realistic that you find yourself believing they are real. I felt as if I had just read a very long newspaper account of an event that really happened.

Moonlighting in Vermont will be released August 27, 2009

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Great lead in, on the review. Nicely done. "I do believe she's got it" (wonder where that line is from? hmmm.)
Thank you.


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