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The is the cover of the second issue of my comic book series, "Heroes in Birmingham". Where as the first issue was designed by piecing together elements, this cover was designed conceptually to represent one of the main conflicts in the plot.

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That is neat. I used to be into comics as a youngster.
My dad a friend who was a printer and he would give my dad rough sheets of the comics which we would have to fold up and then cut to make our comic. I now realize that as an adult and collector of some things, those rough sheets today are probably worth something. They were of the Phantom!
I would have to say that well preserved, uncut sheets are probably worth something... but newsprint in general is ephemeral, so the important part is that you had those fond memories.
We also had a mother who was always cleaning house! She would throw away those things that "kids" had to play with, like comics. We had a set of Superman from #1 to about1948 in years. They were all in great shape but out they went when we moved. My brother had a collection of paperback books from the 1940's which are also collector's items.

Life is funny, but we have the memories as you say. I had a first edition Robert Lewis Stevenson "Kidnapped" which also got lost during the years.

We move on and go forward.



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