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When you take a beautiful, strong willed, lady named Maggie, add a handsome, strong minded Spaniard who is also a bounty hunter, named Diego, throw in a land baron named Morgan, who will do whatever it takes to get his hands on Maggie’s ranch, including forcing her to marry him, what do you have? If your name is Ann Keller you have the makings for a wonderful story.

Follow Maggie through the heart breaks of having her cattle killed, her home burned and being kidnapped. See how Diego comes to her rescue with his own proposal for solving her situation. Find out why the Indians are on the war path and who supplied them with faulty guns. And as the story unfolds, meet Alena who has been under contract since childhood to marry Diego.

Will Diego go against his father and not bring his and Alena’s families together through marriage? Will Morgan finally make Maggie see that marrying him is the best thing for her? Will the people of Hollow Gap pull together and defend themselves from the Indian up-rise or will they fall apart. Find the answers to these questions and more when you read this book of taming the West through love.

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Martha that was a fine review!

Good for you to take the time and post it here.

We have been putting up our reviews and really enjoy and welcome new reviews.

Thank you. I try to put my reviews on every site I'm associated with.


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