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The Long Road Home

By:  Janet Litherland

ISBN: 978-0-7414-6325-8, Softcover, $13.95, Publication Date:  December, 2010, Published by:  Infinity Publishing


Janet Litherland is the author of four mystery novels, “Song of the Heart,” “Vanished,” “Chain of Deception,” and “Discovery in Time.”  Her most recent book is “The Long Road Home.”  Janet’s passion for travel, particularly in Europe, has inspired her writing and this book will take you to places that you will never forget.


Litherland mystically transports the reader to another time and place, Ireland during the potato famine in the year 1849.  Widowers and best friends, Mary Malloy and Chloe O’Halloran were forced to leave their home in the tiny village of the

Dingle Peninsula with two small children or stay there and starve to death! The four of them embarked on a 37-day-journey at sea going to America.  Their voyage was sad and frightfully painful.  Many died on shipboard and were thrown over-the-side before they would ever reach the land of opportunity.


Back in the states at present time, a young widow named Rachel Wynn experienced the past lives of Irish immigrants and their families, but what was the connection? When her best friend, Emily, showed an ancient framed photograph of a beautiful Irish woman holding a child, Rachel began coughing and unable to breathe.  There was something familiar about her. Was she experiencing another life?  Emily came from an Irish background, but Rachel did not.  Rachel and Emily were perplexed and felt compelled to travel to Ireland in search of answers to Rachel’s odd recurring dreams and her past-life regression experiences.  It became clear that Mary Malloy and Rachel knew each other in a past life.


While in Ireland, this story takes a surprise twist when Rachel and Emily meet a handsome young man named Sean Malloy while visiting an old cemetery. Such an ironic and strange meeting that would connect the three of them! Rachel gets another one of her funny feelings revealing that she and Sean have met before.


Many old family secrets are revealed along the way and the novel will keep you guessing.  Traveling through time will enlighten you about Irish life past and present. Awe-inspiring experiences captivate every moment as you walk with the characters through New York, Pennsylvania, and Ireland, not only in the 1800’s, but in the present. The memorable beauty of Ireland and hardships endured in those early years are insightful. Irish immigrants blended into the American way of life suffering hardships which they overcame because of their strong character and love of family.


Janet Litherland has written a delightful and moving novel about one of the many families that came before us with hopes of a better future. You do not have to be Irish to enjoy this highly recommended book.



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