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Every emotion has an opposite - love/hate, happy/sad, pleasure/pain, honest/dishonest - and there is a fine line that separates each of these emotions. In The Other Side of You Debi DeSantis brings all of these emotions together in one heart warming story.

Morgan is an interior designer who has her dreams and future in her hands. She has the perfect world - so she thinks. Bree is the country club mother of two who also has the perfect world - so she thinks. And Jason is an airline pilot that travels to the most beautiful cities in the world and has the perfect world - so he thinks. But when these three perfect worlds come together they start to crumble as the emotions of hate, sadness, pain and dishonesty enter into their lives. There is only one way to put these lives back together and that is through a miracle provided by God.

As you follow their lives, ask yourself a question... "Would I have done the anything different?" This is a book that you will not only enjoy but remember for a long time.

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Nice review again. Make it a little longer next time and add the Jpeg of the cover so people can pick it up when they are in the book store. It is amazing how the recognition really rings in.

Thank you Clark. I will do just that. My main goal is to make it interesting but not give away too much of the story. Please keep teaching me. I'll get there.
You are reading a lot of books. I hope that you are reading them from front to back and not just skimming. I read the full book and savor it each time. One of the things my wife and I do in order to keep things flowing is to each take turns doing the reviews as much as possible. I read a bit faster than she does, but that is life so I get to do a few more reviews than she does.

I usually ready about 3 books at the same time and place them where I can pick them up and do something with them.


I read from front to back with no skimming. I read some every morning, through my lunch at work and every night. I love to read. So far, I've been very luck with the books I've read and enjoyed all of them. There was one book that I just couldn't get into no matter how hard I tried so I have a friend who reads that particular type of books, let him borrow my copy to read and he is writing the review. At one point, I would be reading 2 books at a time but now devote my time to completing one at a time. That way I miss nothing. In The Other Side of You I had a problem writing the review because I didn't want to disclose the true connection between the 3 characters or what brought the 2 women together in the end. I felt that was something the reader needed to read for themselves and not be able to anticipate the outcome because of my review. Did I do wrong or right? If you've read this book you will understand what I'm talking about. Thanks for your help.


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