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The President’s Vampire

By:  Christopher Farnsworth

ISBN: 978-0-399-15739-4, Pages: 335,   $24.95, Publication Date: April 28, 2011, Hardcover, Adult Novel, and Published by:  G. P. Putnam’s Sons


Christopher Farnsworth wrote “Blood Oath” a vampire story which has been widely accepted as an adult thriller. Now, he follows up with a masterful tale of that same character, Nathaniel Cade, a vampire who has been around for over 140 years protecting presidents! His sidekick, if you can call him that, is Zach Barrows. Zach’s official capacity is that of human handler of the vampire who is sworn to obey the orders of the President of the United States.


The original novel “Blood Oath” set the stage for all the acts that follow in this book, but Farnsworth’s newest thriller swiftly brings you up-to-date with regard to the background and how a vampire came to do the bidding of the president. In a special safe in the oval office the bullet upon which the vampire had sworn his allegiance bound him to follow instructions for finding and eliminating terrifying threats to America’s security.


Cade is not the usual vampire who drinks, human blood, but had been able to survive with a special formulation of animal blood giving him his powers.  These powers include super speed, strength, and keen perceptive hearing.  All of these elements are indispensible as he fights evil in the name of the president.  He is able to leap the length of three football fields and land on his feet without a single sound!


A fast-paced book keeps the reader quickly turning pages to see what comes next. Some novels move into the action after a lot of preliminaries, “The President’s Vampire” is not one of those. Action-packed pages take the reader to acrobatic heights as Cade destroys enemies in every chapter. His fighting skills are superb and deadly as he performs many times without guns or weapons of any kind, just his bare hands! His greatest asset is his extraordinary speed.


He does wound and often we wonder if he is going to survive his injuries, but his vampire body heals itself quickly. Stabbing or shooting wounds quickly close so that he is able to perform his duties once again.


Cade’s assignments take him to various countries around the globe as he sets out upon his missions. One scenario has him dropping from high altitude to land on an aircraft carrier which has been overrun by monsters! He sails to earth at 400 mph, opens his chute, and sallies forth to slaughter his evil foes.


The only concern about this book is that the choice of some of the language is such that it is definitely for adults. The words used are rough, but there are only a few spots where they come into play for emphasis making certain situations more real. However, if they were toned down in subsequent books, the audience might even be larger since the teenage crowds who have displayed a love for vampire tales can be safely exposed to Nathaniel Cade and his vampire friends without concern.


A startling conclusion takes place in Iowa and most certainly leaves the door open for more new tales that will revolve around Nathaniel Cade, Zach Barrows, and whoever is the President of the United States.


This book is highly recommended for a mature audience who enjoy supernatural tales. 

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