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First of all, let me say that The Rasner Effect literally kept me up far into a dark and stormy night with no electricity. I resorted to a small flashlight in order to complete my journey through Rosendorf's first psycho thriller!
The Rasner Effect is an action-chocked story of how humans can be controlled and theif personalities and actions shaped for good or for evil purposes...a suppressions of aggressive tendencies or a return to monster status.
Meet Rick Rasner: compassionate counselor or psychotic assassin? Likeable or despicable?
Find a comfy chair and strap yourself in for an electric jolt from a new writer who promises to thrill us again soon.
Rosendorf: compassionate counselor or...? Decide for yourself.

Mark Rosendorf
ISBN: 978-1603180849
348 pages $14.78

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Hi Susan:

Nice review but for folks to buy the book it would be helpful to put more information about the book at the heading of the review.
Things like Title, Price, Pages ISBN Number, and author full name.

Then go into the review.

Otherwise you have a good review.



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