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My photographer was taking pictures of me but they mostly turned out to be poses that I didn't want to use. After quite a few shots he then caught me unaware while I was looking down like I tend to do. Thus the cover of my book was created. The cover turned out to be just like every other aspect of my book. It felt like it was supposed to happen just as it did. I dont know where this book is going to take me and I still question the process because I am a skeptic but I do believe. And because of this belief I am able to recognize the pull of destiny when I am in its power

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That is a nice cover shot. It sets the right tone and is very intriguing. Good Choice!

Thank you Clark. I knew that being a frist time author it was going to be difficult enough to attract people. I had to be sure that the book would not be overlooked on account of its cover. I know that sometimes its not just a cliche people do tend to judge a book by it's cover.


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