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I had to join this group because although I have not experienced luxury products and services, I do know that they exist and that in another lifetime, I luxuriated in them. Since we can only take our knowledge when we journey from one lifetime to another, and so none of these luxury items can follow, I have learned one thing and that is that everything in the material world and all other dimensions that we can remember frequencies we have attained in the past.

Luxury products and services come to those who have higher vibes/frequencies and it is something that we can work on each day or not depending on how bad we think we need money or such things and because, also, it's just a very great idea to get your frequency back up to when we were all gods and had divinity, many deny it but I am not one of them. teehee

Go to Youtube and run a search for hz and work your way up the musical scale. Delicious treats like this are everywhere we look now that we stand poised at the Fifth and Sixth dimensions.
It's only a very small jump to get there and so I invite you to get with the new vibe. The New Golden Age is happening at 528 hz which is the sound for "unconditional love" is so easy virtually anyone can come along whose heart can and will be made pure. Very little work, highest conscienceness benefits. The very sound of it, open our way to infinity. We all get infinity but have simply forgotten. I love to remember. Here is a vibe to get you started.

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