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Loreen and I had an interesting idea.

What if we had authors contribute a book for book sharing? We would pay them a royalty out of the book sharing proceeds and they would get exposure for their work. What do you think? Is it viable?

Let me know.....


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I'm wondering exactly how this works and what the royalty proceeds would amount to. It could be a great idea if the royalty proceeds were given each time the book was lent out, and it equaled an amount similiar to an actual royalty. If this was the case it would be a brainstorm.
The cost of mailing to a user is about $2.00 and starting out that would leave $3.00 for handling charges. We are playing this by ear, so the final distribution has to be worked out. If there is a lot of interest it would be 1/3 for packaging, 1/3 for the shipper (me) and 1/3 for the author you. If enough interest is generated, it could mean over a period of time the books would produce.

This is just the start and in the organization stage. Let us see what happens. So far we have about 10 to 15 people who have responded on a holiday weekend.

This sounds like an intriguing idea. I have a novel and am interested in participating.
Send it with a note and if you have a review blub post it. I think we need to have a separate section for books available and where they are. I will get to this later in the week.



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