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Books For Sharing

Reviewed books which are available for sharing. Rules: If you would like a book which is listed and is shown to be on the shelf, send a message that you would like it. You can email Clark at his private email site and he will advise the information you need submit to PAYPAL by return private email. Since this is an experimental project the cost is minimal. You pay $5.00 up front and the book is shipped to you prepaid by USPS (United State Postal Service). The last step is simple: You pay USPS for sending the book to the next person who requests it on the list. We shall tell you who that is. If no one requests the book for 3 months, you keep it! Or can send it on to who ever you like or donate it to your local library.
If there is a book you would like to read that has been reviewed by Clark, just inquire by email to Clark and he will let you know if the book is available. Some books have previously been given away so don't be too disappointed.



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