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How to Turn Your Desires & Ideals Into Reality

Brown Landone was one of the first teachers of the scientific understanding of accomplishments. Up until age 13, he lived the usual routine of an invalid. Then his life was changed dramatically after a frightening event. Although virtually helpless by many medical accounts, he was able to carry a heavy metal chest down five flights of stairs when left alone and a home fire erupted. Afterwards, young Landone knew his subconscious mind had somehow made it happen, without his conscious awareness of it He reasoned that if he could do that subconsciously when he was ill, he certainly could do it consciously. Landone also explains how businesses were turned around, relationships attracted, careers advanced and finances increases through the process of Idealization.
When this updated edition was in its draft form, it was given to several people to “test”. Some of their testimonials are placed in the book. These current testimonials include as much detail as possible to show how their results were created, including: "My Best Sale Ever"; "My Ideal Home", "I Wasn't Worthy to Have My Desires", "Finally Getting My Ideal Body" and more.

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