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The Magic Story, how to be all that you have it within you to be

A man down on his luck encounters a long time friend, who only recently had been in the same near bankrupt situation, yet now his life has changed dramatically for the better.
“…I was down on my luck thinking of suicide, looking for you, hoping you would lend me enough to pay my rent, when I met Sturtevant. He told me a story and, really, it is the most remarkable story you have ever heard; it made a new man of out me. Within 24 hours I was on my feet and I’ve hardly known a care or a trouble since…. 
Everybody who has heard the story had done well since, including two of my friends. They have experienced the same results that I have; and they are not the only ones…”
 What is this Magic Story that changes people’s lives?
Can the story do for you what it has done for others?

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