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Chester is a quaint, small town in West Virginia where everyone knows everyone, and there is never a secret that someone doesn’t know. In such an intimate town, how many disappearances can be left unquestioned?
Following the death of his wife, Joshua Thornton leaves a promising career in the United States Navy’s JAG division to move across country with his five children into his ancestral home. While clearing out the attic the children find a thirty year old letter written to their grandmother.
In the letter Lulu Jefferson wrote “…Remember that dead body we found in the Bosley barn?...I saw him today…I went to talk to the reverend and there was his picture on the wall.” What dead body? His interest piqued, Joshua asks about Lulu and finds that in 1970 she died of a drug overdose on the same day that she wrote the letter to his parents.
Today, a double homicide has the whole town under a microscope. The granddaughter of the reverend Lulu implicates in her letter is one of the victims. The state attorney general appoints Joshua special prosecutor to solve the crimes.
In a small town where gossip flies as swiftly as a spring breeze, it is impossible to know who to trust. After his children dig up the body lost decades earlier, Joshua is then able to unravel the truth behind the series of murders to reveal a web of deception spun half a century ago on the other side of the globe.

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