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Area Light Explores Clark's Eye On Books

Today we were pleased to look into Clark's Eye On Books We learned about Clark when he commented to us as we began exploring another network at someone else's invitation. There's the power of social networking for you and a great reason to get out there and explore. Clark was interested in the fact we are doing site reviews because he reviews books. So we took him up on his invitation to explore his site and were pleased with what we found. Clark has also been kind enough to join the Area Light community so please be sure to say hi to him.

Clark writes regular reviews of books on his site. They are informative and well written. The review is a wonderful service to connect members to the hard print world of writing. A little added insight into what is behind a book's cover might reveal aspects that otherwise might not have caught your attention. We read a couple of his reviews and were pleased with how he helps to develop the plots through summary without giving away the endings. It helps you consider the entertainment value of reading that book, whether or not it fits within your preferences, and sometimes makes you look forward to finding out about what happens at the end.

We were also pleased to learn of Clarks new blogtalkradio program where he reads his reviews and invites people to call in and discuss the related topics. The radio show and social network application for book reviews is really making this activity very interactive and engaging. We saw one member comment on one of Clark's reviews. It was interesting how he commented back to let the reader know the author lived right in her town. So this takes the review into more of a user specific discussion where lines of thoughts can actually be explored before reading the book with the benefit of someone who has taken the time to go through the material. Whether you decide to read the book or not, it's great food for thought and talk. We expect this site will do fairly well for just getting started. It's a really enjoyable concept Clark is developing.

We also noted how other authors or people associated with publishing have joined the site and talk about their works in progress. It's neat to see someone ask for feedback about a new cover before it's been decided on and released. Clark suggests he also does some writing and we look forward to checking that work out too. How interesting is it though to see writing and perhaps even get to have a chance to be a part of it. The written media still has a place in our society and that is where some of the best entertainers- especially on intellectual and wordly subjects- are to be found. It rubs off on you too. Some of Clark's commentary on his reviews or even on his discussions has that great balance of humor, characterization, description, and story telling it seems a lot of people forget about in their online interactions. These things are certainly worth sharing in themselves and there is something of value this can add to your lifestyle and interactions with people. Even better when you can interact with others who offer the same quality and discussions.

Check it out! Area Light Explorer

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At 2:12pm on November 11, 2008, Clark Isaacs said…
Welcome to the site. Observing is fun, but if you would like to participate we certainly would welcome that.

Have a great day and we shall be doing some new things as we move along.

At 2:36pm on November 11, 2008, pastorfrederick sharpe said…
thank God for your life and your family Area Light Explorer,
and thank God also for the faith and believe you have in Him.we are a small Church(Faith in Christ ministry)
at the buduburam refugee camp here in Ghana with the aim of spreading
the good news of the lord and his words to people who need them,teaching the found
and finding the lost.we also also help children who are orphans that lost their
parents during the war back home.we help them to know the word of God and to be strong in him.
i hope God will divinely inspire you in the way you should go
in doing God's would be nice to be friends
Thanks May God Bless you
Pastor Fred

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