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Jonathan Wainwright Skyler, a U.S. soldier, befriends Ben Kalib Ali, a seven year old orphan in Iraq. After eighteen months of duty, Jonathan "gyros" back to the U.S.  and musters out of the National Guard. He goes back to work for a wall street firm and in the ensuing years becomes a successful venture capitalist. While having lunch with clients, he notices a young man, dapperly dressed, having lunch with a group of diners. The young man looks familiar, they look at each other and eventually they meet in the restaurant’s restroom and begin talking. Jonathan says hello to Ben Kalib Ali, a strapping young man, handsome and well spoken. Ben tells Jonathan that he was adopted by a California family and sent to the US. After arriving, he completed his primary, secondary schooling and finally Stanford University. There he majored in chemical engineering and later finished law school at Georgetown University. Ben also said that he was newly married, employed as an attorney with a New York Wall Street firm and was living in Westchester, taking the train everyday to Grand Central Station and then by subway to his office on Wall Street. Little does Jonathan know, but Ben has been programmed to be a "Sleeper Cell" destined to carry out one of the most devastating events in New York City.
A "Sleeper Cell" is agents or spies who are placed in a target country or organization, not to undertake an immediate mission, but rather to act as potential assets if activated at a later point in time.

The story takes place in the years 2000 – 2024.


Paris France
May 2022

Sheik Mohammad bin Rashid al-Mosul the Emir of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and the sister law firm of Ben’s employer, its French counterpart had called for a closing in Paris. The participants would be the French firm of Dumont, el Abir, Delais and Henri. In addition, the director of the Departmente Economique Developmente and the CEO of the United oil Company de France.
The deal according to the dossier assigned to Ben Ali was a drilling rights closing between the French oil company and the Dubai consultants for rights at La Rochelle, off the coast of France. Ben Ali would observe as a legal auditor for his firm to protect the Dubai interests. It was always appropriate to have at least two attorneys from different countries at such closings to insure the correctness and legal ramifications were correct.
Ben’s plane ride was uneventful, except for riding out a storm over the Atlantic. The landing at the Charles De Gaul airport was smooth as the plane taxied and finally docked. Ben moved through the breezeway and recognized his name on a placard being held by an individual in Chauffer’s clothing. He greeted Ben “Is-salaam 9aleekum (peace be upon you!)” Wa 9aleekum Is-salaam (and upon you be peace!)Ben replied.
“I’ve been detailed to pick you up, check you into your hotel and provide anything you wish during your stay here in Paris.” I am Hassan Naeem, here is my beeper number as he handed Ben his card.
The lights of Paris were bright as they drove along the Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honore.
He only had three days and two nights stay in Paris. As usual, he had faxed his itinery to his mentor in Iraq and would expect a visit by someone representing the Imam
The limo stopped at the Hotel Le Bistrol. It was chosen by the firm as one of the hotels to use for all their traveling attorneys from stateside. The Le Bistrol is located On the Fashionable Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honore, One of Paris' Most Elegant Shopping Streets and just steps from Elysee Palace, home of France's President, and Hotel Le Bristol is in Close Proximity to the Financial District and within Walking Distance of the Champs Elysees. The other participants were billeted in other hotels across Paris.
Hassan checked him in, got his room card and the bellhop, who introduced himself as Francois took his carryall bag. Ben in passing nodded to the desk clerk in acknowledgement.
They got on the elevator, it was a quiet ride. The elevator stopped at the eighth floor and they got off, the bellhop leading.
The bellman opened the door into a luxurious suite. filled with refined woodwork and sumptuous earth tone fabrics. The suite’s spacious rooms were further enhanced by 18th century furniture and original paintings. Central air conditioning and a high speed Internet connection had been installed as an update and the suite’s balcony overlooked the views of the most amazing sights of Paris. The bathroom was a generous white Carrara marble with separate showers, fluffy white towels, bathrobe and toiletry incidentals.
The bellhop hung his carryall in the bedroom closet; Ben thanked the bellhop, tipped him a few francs and settled down for the evening. He ordered room service. Ben didn’t eat much on the plane and knew he had to read the firm’s brief resume of the characters and synopsis of the deal so he could be knowledgeable for tomorrows closing.
The closing took place at the offices of Dumont, el Abir, Delais and Henri. It went smoothly with lunch being served in the firm’s dining room and idle chit chat between participants. The last papers were signed late that afternoon, and Ben walked back to his hotel.
Ben noticed the red light on his telephone, indicating a message was left. He picked up the receiver and heard a woman’s voice “Hi, this is Ruth-Lin Mohammadi, I will meet you for dinner downstairs in the dining room at 7:00 this evening. Ben wondered who she was, but knew he had one evening left in Paris before the ride home. He also knew that someone was to contact him while he was in Paris. He guessed that she must be the contact.
Ben settled down to watch the news on TV. His limited knowledge of French was a slight handicap, but by watching and catching some of the words he knew from his high school and college French Classes was able recognize the jest of what was being shown and discussed.
It was almost 7:00 as he left the room for his rendezvous at dinner. The Maitre De cordially invited him into the dinning room and seated him near the window overlooking the Champs Elysees the waiter dressed in a white short jacket, black cross tie and black pants approached Ben’s table.
“Bonsoir Monsieur, I am Jean Paul, I am your waiter this evening, how many will be in your party?”
Jonathan tried out his French; “Du, Merci.”
“Oui Monsieur” The waiter took away plates, glasses and silverware, leaving Ben’s and a place setting across from him.
Just then in walked one of the most beautiful creatures Ben had ever seen. Her breathtaking attributes were such that she could be in any fashion, cosmetic, or modeling magazine in any country representing the loveliness of women.
The matre de seated her across from Ben.
“Hello Mr. Ali, I am Ruth-Lin, I haven’t eaten, would you please order for me. I would like a glass of white zinfandel to start.
Ben motioned and Jean Paul appeared at the table.
“Jean Paul, would you have the wine steward bring a menu, S’il vous plait”. “Oui Monsieur.”
The wine steward appeared, handed Ben the menu. After perusal, Ben picked a white zinfandel and ordered. Meanwhile taking in the beauty of Ruth-Lin. He noticed that she was mid -Eastern Asian, about 5”8” tall with raven black hair page boy style, large brown eyes, smooth complexion. Her fingers were long like a piano player, with painted nails to compliment her lipstick. She wore rings on fingers of both hands and diamond studs in both ears and a necklace to match. Her makeup very little, was professionally applied and complimented her attire which was an emerald green patterned satin sheath dress with a mandarin collar.
They had dinner and Ben learned that she was a graduate of the University of Paris, Sorbonne with a Master’s degree in international studies, that her father was an Iraqi government official and mother Japanese. That she had attended various schools in Japan, The American University of Cairo and finally the Sorbonne in France.
She knew all about him, who he was, and the reason for him being there. Other than idle chit chat about Paris, the dinner went well.
They had after dinner drinks, she an amaretto on ice, he was satisfied with a cognac neat.
She accompanied Ben to his suite, he showed her around and they sat on the couch. She looked into Ben’s eyes and said; “Mr. Ali, tonight you belong to me.” With that exclamation, they got undressed, showered and got into bed. The love making went through the night and exhausted, they fell asleep.


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Our conspiracy theories were right, April 4, 2009

By T. Norwood (Virginia) - See all my reviews

One of the good things about Sleeper Cell is it's ability to make you look over your shoulder and wonder about the person next to you. You also begin to see the potential for bad in everyone, even a small child. The story spends a lot of time talking about the short relationship between the soldier and the boy and even gives you glimpses of Ben's "all American" life after the tragic death of his family. The frightening part is how the author can take the scenes of triumph over tragedy and pieces of normalcy and sew threads of plotting and evil into everyday life.
The down side to this story would be a lack of the "seat of your pants" type of chapters that make you want to continue reading. The histories of the two main characters is a good setup to the horrible final chapter but it takes too long to get to that point. Overall a good book!


Customer Reviews
Sleeper Cell

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4.0 out of 5 stars

Foreign Intrigue: Friend or Terrorist?, April 9, 2009
By: Rseifert
In this novel the author displays the ever increasing multitude of problems the world will face as it enters into the near future. We also learn of some of the solutions that might take place if we set our minds to correcting the problems. One of those solutions is designing our cities to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. A case in point would be to develop such a plan for the rebuilding of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

This story centers around sleeper cells ( a person or group of people that are positioned around the world by an organization, who then wait for a call to action from a command center. Usually to perform an act of terrorism.) This story reminds us that if we do not resolve our hatred for one another in a very short period of time, advancement in technology will ensure that those that wish the rest of humanity dead, will have the means to do so.

Customer Reviews
Sleeper Cell

1 Review
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4.0 out of 5 stars

Begging For a Sequel.May 2009

By: R.A. Harris
New Hampshire

Readers Review

Author Ralph L. McNeal Sr
Title Sleeper Cell

Every so often, a writer is able to capture the moment with a story that address current day issues, events and circumstances which all readers, both young and older, can identify. Mr. McNeal’s’ Sleeper Cell delivers a hard hitting written tapestry that brings to life in bold strokes the good, bad and ugly on an international stage with a style that reminds the reader of novels written by the likes of Nicholas Pileggi, Tom Clancy, John Grisham and Norman Mailer.

Sleeper Cell takes the reader to familiar places and while there introduces characters that could be your next door neighbor or business associate. Consequently, scary thoughts are made to enter ones’ mind when the curtain of secrecy is unveiled as you course through this novel. As you read, you will often paused in contemplation of the people you met during your travels and wonder if they might have been those who are the principal characters in Mr. McNeal’s story.

As I write this review, I am tempted to provide some detail, but that would steal the books thunder. Thus the reader will have to “find out” on his or her own.
Although relatively short, this book is loaded with action and begs for a sequel.

Congratulations, Ralph. This one is a winner.

By: M. Lowery

Reader's Review

Author Ralph L. McNeal Sr
Title Sleeper Cell

Believable--could happen?

Posted June 15, 2009, 1:07 AM EST: This is a lively and readable novel of action, and situation, the narrative moves along at a great rate, dialogue is particularly well crafted. The characters are completely believable in the parts they play, and the end result is strong and effective. The story is able to keep you in suspense through its twenty-four years of acivity, with today's situations and circumstances soothsaying into the future. The international settings and places added to the foreign intrigue, deal making and conspiracy undertaking is strenghtened by the strong and realistic drawn characters of Jonathan and Ben Ali. The futuristic financings and financial strategies dovetailing into today's environmental needs set the stage for sequels to follow. A Sleeper Cell is agents or spies placed in a target country to be activated at a later point in time.

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"Sleeper Cell" Trailer Created

Sleeper Cell

Trailer for "Sleeper Cell" will appear on youtube, TrailerSpy, Sevenload, Dailymotion, and The Book Trailers Network.  In addition it will also appear on book selling sites and other networks.

Posted on March 2, 2013 at 1:54am


" Reader's review proffers the "Sleeper Cell" thriller"…

Posted on May 14, 2010 at 2:49pm


Our Conspiracy Theories Were Right."“One of the good things about sleeper cell is it’s ability to make you look over your shoulder and wonder about the person next to you. You also begin to see the potential for bad in everyone, even a small child. The story spends a lot of time talking about the short relationship between the soldier and the boy and even gives our glimpses of Ben’s “All American” life after the tragic death of his family. The frightening part is how the author… Continue

Posted on December 20, 2009 at 11:18pm



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New Thriller Pursues Identity of Sleeper Cell

Ralph L. McNeal, Sr. Combines Adventure, Foreign Intrigue, Wall Street and Terrorism in New…

Posted on December 20, 2009 at 11:00pm

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