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Web of Secrets - Ernesto Patino, Author

Web of Secrets - Ernesto Patino, Author - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

"Sarah? Sarah Baker?" said a man with a raspy voice. "I know this may sound a little strange, considering you don't know me. But I happen to be in possession of some interesting information concerning your parents - your natural parents, that is - and I thought we might..."

This phone call became the beginning of many changes… Continue

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A Circle of Souls - Preetham Grandhi, Author

Naya was afraid. She didn't want to stay in this hospital. She thought it seemed different from the other, regular hospitals, even though she had never stayed in any sort of hospital before. This hospital didn't seem at all like the hospital her classmate had described after having her tonsils removed. Besides, Naya didn't even feel sick.'

The hospital Naya has been admitted to is the psychiatric section of the Newbury hospital. Naya was taken to the hospital's emergency room after… Continue

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Legacy of the Ripper - Brian L. Porter, Author

'Does violent death have a name? Can evil truly be born into the world, evil so deep that it is bred into the genetic make-up of an individual? Until I came to this place and met the man who made me begin to suspect that such an evil could exist, I'd have been as dismissive as most of my profession at the prospect of such a possibility... Dr. Ruth Truman, Psychiatrist.'

Porter's book A Study in Red tells about the Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper. As the story goes, Robert… Continue

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Gumbo Justice - Holli Castillo, Author

Gumbo Justice - Holli Castillo, Author - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

'Ryan couldn't keep her thoughts from drifting back to the homicides on the short drive home. L'Roid Smith had been killed in a way common among gangs members - beaten, shot in the head execution style and left naked. It was the ultimate humiliation, and the same way he had committed his own gang murders, including the one Ryan had tried to prosecute. And Jeremiah had been beaten, the… Continue

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FREE – e-workbook, Solve the Entrepreneur Puzzle ™

Yes this book is free, and you won't even be asked to enter your email or any other information about yourself in order to get it.

Read on:

Profitable ventures and successful careers are like a puzzle.

This is true if the entrepreneur venture is:

Full time

Part time

Network Marketing

Sometime, to supplement the family income


Brick and Mortar


Wholesale supplier


Commssioned… Continue

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Gianni Truvianni’s Inspiration For Writing “Rompryska And Other Erotic Tales”

Photograph Of : Rompryska

During my life, I have made many travels to many different places where I have a met many a lady; who at the time captivated my interest and though sometimes this lead to romance on several others, it merely lead to acts of carnality. Perhaps it can be said by some that I have had more then my fair share of adventures with women and they may be right but my point in writing this is neither to boast nor complain but… Continue

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Gianni Truvianni’s “What Should Not Matter”, A Tale Of Passion Between Two Women

Painting By: Paulina Marina Truvianni

An article about my third book which I would arguably dub my most passionate work as it portrays the friendship and love between two women, one Swedish and one Panamanian who through their relationship would go on to conquer all.

“What Should Not Matter” tells the story of two beautiful women, who despite being opposites from a physical point of view are very similar in their mentality and… Continue

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Gianni Truvianni’s Adventures In Plays

Painting by: Sworobowicz

In all honesty the idea of writing something in play form had never occurred to me, as I for the most concentrate not so much on dialogue which is what plays mostly contain (almost to the point of being exclusive) but on expressing ideas through a story. My stories the kind in which dialogue is limited to being what advances the plot and little else, this guided by my believe that the thoughts of the author is what… Continue

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Gianni Truvianni’s Adventures In Poetry

Painting by: Jean-Jaques Gilbert

Poetry in all honesty was not something I ever really enjoyed reading, as it always seemed to be the thing that had no point and it was not a matter of me not understanding it or having trouble doing so but the thoughts of others simply not concerning me; regardless of how they were expressed. Another matter regarding poetry which I found to be limiting was the fact that in school I was told that a poem had… Continue

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Gianni Truvianni’s Inspiration For Writing “Love Your Sister, A Marriage Of Incest”

Photo By: Gianni Truvianni

I would like to thank and to some extent even dedicate this book to Susan Karolewski and Patrick Stuebing from Leipzig, Germany. As it was they who through their relationship with each other which I came to here about on CNN last year that I got the inspiration to write this book which I have entitled “Love Your Sister; A Marriage of Incest”. Many may already be informed of who Susan and Patrick are but for those… Continue

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Is Life a Gift From God or An Obligation?

An article about the gift of life, which is said to be God’s greatest.

Before I start this article, I would like to make it clear that I am an agnostic, this meaning that I have not ruled out that possibility that a god might exist though I have not accepted by reason that one by all means has to be. I however for my part can say that I am not one who feels the need to obtain this knowledge regarding weather God is a certainty or not as I… Continue

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What Makes Us Fall In Love?

An article about what is it about people that makes them fall in love with some individuals and not others.

It is hard for me or for anybody to say with any real preciseness what it is that makes a man or a woman fall in love with another man or woman, of course we can always mention what first attracted us to that person but what made us become enamored? The first attraction part perhaps coming in the way of the person’s looks,… Continue

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My Root, Hardest Of all

Photograph Of: Rompryska

An article about my body’s greatest asset or perhaps one of them which it offers in the act of ultimate carnal intimacy.

One of my greatest assets though not due to its size but incredible hardness is my root. It is funny because I never thought anything about this part of my body apart from that it performed all the functions I expected it to, from urinating to fornicating to being used by some ladies… Continue

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Why Do We Love?

An article about loving a person just for the sake of it and not necessarily for the sake of wanting to be loved in return.

Many people fall in love, it is as natural a process as can be yet what is the reason that causes this to happen? What makes one fall in love with one person and not another, well the answer is simple though not specific and that being that there is something in that person which the one falling in love was not able to… Continue

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Guiding The Way From Middle Neebish - Edward T. Cook, Author

Guiding The Way From Middle Nessbish - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

I've always been fascinated by lighthouses. They are so unique standing there like a giant eyes protecting ships and their crews. But not until reading Guiding The Way From Middle Nessbish did I understand the true lives of those who manned them. Edward T. Cook's book is one that was not only interesting but educational. The history that he has preserved will be cherished by his family… Continue

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Paying Rasputin’s Cure

A short story featuring the Siberian “holly man”, Rasputin based on a scene in a film in once saw.

It was so many year ago that he past through my village in Siberia, on his way to Moscow. His name I did not know at the time as he was referred to simply as a “holly man”. I do however recall him stopping by my house and curing my father of the problem his back had been giving him for so long that it… Continue

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Gianni Truvianni’s Sexual Fantasies

An article about what I personally consider sexual fantasies to be and how in fact it is only the imaginative mind that can conjure them; while the task is left up to the adventurous spirit to transform the visions of night’s sleep in to the reality of the flesh.

Before I elaborate on sexual fantasies I feel it would be wise to define what they are or at least the fashion I perceive them as being. Sexual fantasies or at least in my… Continue

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Writing with Passion according to Gianni Truvianni

An article about what it means to write with passion and how I would describe this emotion which in fact is one of suffering for the things we long for the point of feeling a certain amount of pain in ourselves.

I had always felt something when I wrote regardless of what it was in simplicity or in complication, this ranging from a simple letter to a friend or an article or a story. This being what I would describe as longing to get my thoughts… Continue

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Italy In The World Cup Spain 82

Memories Of Italy Vs. Argentina 82

An article about Italy’s 1982 2-1 win against Argentina in the 1982 world cup played in Spain and what it felt like for an Italian supporter to have to watch the game amongst a family of Argentine supporters.

It was the summer of 82 and Italy had been placed in the same group as Brazil and Argentina with the team to come in first place being the one to progress through to the semifinal. Italy up in till that point like the other two teams… Continue

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A Story About Adolf Hitler

A strange story about Adolf Hitler which though not confirmed provides perhaps a different angle to this man; so notorious in the annals of history.

It happened one day during the early stages of W.W. II, before Germany took the fatal decision to invade the Soviet Union yet after France had fallen to the onslaught of what was already known as the “Blitz Krieg”. It in fact took place during those days of the “Battle of Britain” that Hitler… Continue

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