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Writing with Passion according to Gianni Truvianni

An article about what it means to write with passion and how I would describe this emotion which in fact is one of suffering for the things we long for the point of feeling a certain amount of pain in ourselves.

I had always felt something when I wrote regardless of what it was in simplicity or in complication, this ranging from a simple letter to a friend or an article or a story. This being what I would describe as longing to get my thoughts… Continue

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Italy In The World Cup Spain 82

Memories Of Italy Vs. Argentina 82

An article about Italy’s 1982 2-1 win against Argentina in the 1982 world cup played in Spain and what it felt like for an Italian supporter to have to watch the game amongst a family of Argentine supporters.

It was the summer of 82 and Italy had been placed in the same group as Brazil and Argentina with the team to come in first place being the one to progress through to the semifinal. Italy up in till that point like the other two teams… Continue

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A Story About Adolf Hitler

A strange story about Adolf Hitler which though not confirmed provides perhaps a different angle to this man; so notorious in the annals of history.

It happened one day during the early stages of W.W. II, before Germany took the fatal decision to invade the Soviet Union yet after France had fallen to the onslaught of what was already known as the “Blitz Krieg”. It in fact took place during those days of the “Battle of Britain” that Hitler… Continue

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