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Martha A. Cheves's Blog – May 2009 Archive (4)

Beaufort Falls - Mari Sloan, Author

Beaufort Falls - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

The characters of Beaufort Falls:

Molly age 8 and Tessie age 5 are the daughters of JD. Both children are well experienced in keeping a spotless house and making dinner for their father. And they both know the consequences that will be paid if it’s not done… Continue

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Stir, Laugh, Repeat - Book Review by Rita Hestand

Ms. Cheves wrote not just a cookbook, but a book to cook by. You'll find a little bit of everything in this recipe filled book, from her famous "Banana Puddin'" to her home-made "Chow-Chow".

Ms. Cheves packs plenty of cooking savy in this delightful book that has a hundred differnt little cooking tips that will have you delighted, to short little tidbits of stories that will make you remember what you are cooking.

Most cookbooks… Continue

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Fools Rush In - Sunny Frazier, Author

Christy Bristol is an office assistant for the sheriff’s department in the San Joaquin Valley. She sees the crimes that happen in the valley on a second-hand basis, as she files the reports prepared by the officers in the field. But Christy has a gift that her co-workers brush aside due to disbelief. You see, Christy is an Astrologist. She doesn’t predict the future but tells the future through the position of the planets.

In Fools Rush In Christy is asked by her unbelieving… Continue

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Hell Swamp - Susan Whitfield, Author

I’ve followed SBI Agent Logan Hunter through her internship at Genesis Beach as she solved her first murder. I followed her through the NC Mountains in Just North of Luck as she solved yet another murder. Now I’ve followed her into the NC backwoods as she tries to survive in Hell Swamp while solving the murder and gutting of Clara Banoak.

Clara is a widow and getting up in age so who would want to murder her as if she was an animal? The answer is everyone. Clara was the most hated… Continue

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