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Fools Rush In - Sunny Frazier, Author

Christy Bristol is an office assistant for the sheriff’s department in the San Joaquin Valley. She sees the crimes that happen in the valley on a second-hand basis, as she files the reports prepared by the officers in the field. But Christy has a gift that her co-workers brush aside due to disbelief. You see, Christy is an Astrologist. She doesn’t predict the future but tells the future through the position of the planets.

In Fools Rush In Christy is asked by her unbelieving… Continue

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Hell Swamp - Susan Whitfield, Author

I’ve followed SBI Agent Logan Hunter through her internship at Genesis Beach as she solved her first murder. I followed her through the NC Mountains in Just North of Luck as she solved yet another murder. Now I’ve followed her into the NC backwoods as she tries to survive in Hell Swamp while solving the murder and gutting of Clara Banoak.

Clara is a widow and getting up in age so who would want to murder her as if she was an animal? The answer is everyone. Clara was the most hated… Continue

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Stir, Laugh, Repeat - Book Signing

For all of my friends in the Charlotte area - Books A Million14151 Steele Creek Rd. will be hosting a book signing for Stir, Laugh, Repeat on May 9th from 11:00 - 2:00. Hope to meet some of you there.

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Murder, Mayhem and Mexico - Brian L. Porter, Author

This book is made up of 3 individual stories. All three are short reads and other than the setting, which is Mexico, all three are completely different.

The 1st story is about the passing of Father Rodrigo and the secrets that died with him.

The 2nd is about Angelina and her escape from a kidnapper.

And the 3rd, which was my favorite, is about Nuna and her mysterious power to heal.

This was truly a great collection of short stories.… Continue

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Breaking My Silence - Jane McCormick with Patti Wicklund,Author

When I was a teenager I remember a girl who everyone called a prostitute. Of course my parents would never allowed me to go anywhere near her because of her reputation. But I always had questions in my mind about her and other girls like her. I've never really understood what would make someone even think about going into this "profession." What in their childhood made them capable of selling themselves to pleasure men? Did they grow up with a low opinion of themselves? Were they abused as a… Continue

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Genesis Beach - Susan Whitfield, Author

Genesis Beach - Review by Martha A. Cheves

The main character Logan Hunter is with the NC SBI serving her internship in her home town of Genesis Beach. In this small town crime usually consists of misdemeanors and a major crime is unheard of. So the murder of the wealthy Rick Teater shakes up the whole town. Logan's coworkers consist of the Sheriff and his deputy who have never handled a murder, so it's turned over to Logan to solve. Logan narrows it down to the caddy Lincoln Tumu… Continue

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