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God, My Source Can't Do What???





Subject: YOU

Reference: LIFE

I am GOD. Today I will be handling all of your problems and replacing them with many things that you can feel grateful for.

Please remember that I do NOT need your help.

If life happens to deliver a situation to you that you fell that you cannot handle, no need…


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Helping children who have lost a parent to breast cancer

Lorraine Jackson was diagnosed with very early stage breast cancer when she was 40. Because of the cancer’s early detection, she was able to be treated with radiation. Doctors explained that had this happened to her only 10 years earlier she would have needed a mastectomy.…


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Happy National Women's Friendship Day

National Women's Friendship Month first began as National Women's Friendship Day in 1999 (celebrated the third Sunday in September each year).

Following the 10th anniversary of National Women's Friendship Day in 2008, it became apparent that one day just wasn't enough, so the celebration was expanded to the entire month of September beginning in…


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From a horrible experience to something positive

No woman should have to experience a vicious attack.

Being a victim of a violent personal attack is many women's worst nightmare. Such a horrible experience can destroy a persons ability to cope with life. Some women do find ways to discover their…


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Stess Out coming soon!

It's approaching fast!
Stress Out will soon be here. Just in time for solutions for holiday stress and great gift idea too.

I am so excited that one chapter is by Ellen Whitehurst. You may have heard her name through,, Redbook, Woman's World, Natural Health or even Donald Trump. Her wisdom on Feng Shui and Astrology are published…

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Fitting In or Having the Success You Desire

A few years ago in a conversation with a friend, she asked how I was as I moving through a problem that had come into my life. I replied that I was focusing on solutions. She responded that she would do the same but since everyone else was complaining about everything, she felt she wouldn’t fit unless she did the same.

I asked her, and I ask you “Which is more important – fitting in or having the success you desire?”

“The definition of Insanity is doing the… Continue

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Stress Out & Marketing

Are you STRESSED !?

Stress is a constant in our lives—

such a constant that we actually don’t realize we are under stress, we think it’s “just part of life.” …


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Congruence and Gratitude (book excerpt)

“You can tell a person,

not by what they say they are gratitude for,

but how they respect…

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FREE – e-workbook, Solve the Entrepreneur Puzzle ™

Yes this book is free, and you won't even be asked to enter your email or any other information about yourself in order to get it.

Read on:

Profitable ventures and successful careers are like a puzzle.

This is true if the entrepreneur venture is:

Full time

Part time

Network Marketing

Sometime, to supplement the family income


Brick and Mortar


Wholesale supplier


Commssioned… Continue

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Book now a movie - The Shadow Effect

The shadow is dark, its sensitive, it can be dangerous...

Things we lie about not only to others but to ourselves...

The shadow shows up in…


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When you start to focus on what you desire –
excerpt published with permission, from…

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