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Latest Cover Design by WillowRaven for Anthology

When Michelle Reed approached me during this sale with the plans for an anthology currently collecting stories for a release some time next year, I had no idea how much fun designing her cover would be.

Michelle thinks like an artist AND HER HUSBAND EVEN MORE So finding the right image to go with the mood of the entire work, over coming the pain of abuse, was a really fast paced process. A cover was designed within two days and she was so confident in me... she paid for it up-front before even seeing the contract!

I was so flattered when she visited one of the groups we share almost three whole minutes later and started showing it usually I am the first to promote my work, not the author (though I could never really understand why since it is THEIR book).

Let me know what ya'll think of her cover and let her know too. Her temporary web home is:

BTW, don't forget this sale ends on the first and there will not be another for some time. So contract at the sale rates before they jump.

Aidana WillowRaven

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