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A Bloody Good Cruise - Diana Rubino, Author

A Bloody Good Cruise – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
‘Mona knew Quintus was planning on popping the question to Tessie on this cruise. She was thrilled for her friend, but felt a tinge of envy. She could be entering eternal bliss with Fausto
if she wasn’t so skittish about…certain things. Tessie had her
cigarillo case half fished out of her purse, but a blast of wind changed
her mind. “We’re very lucky, Mona. Eligible bachelors aren’t easy to
come by in our age group. I mean, I never dreamed I’d get to snag a
gorgeous Italian wine connoisseur who models men’s’ undies on
the side. Both of them are real renaissance men.” “Oh yeah, you can
call them that, all right.” What Mona needed to divulge to her friend
in the next few hours, especially before the question pop, was that
Fausto and Quintus weren’t human. And neither were any of their
gorgeous Italian wine connoisseur pals. They all shared a common gene.’
In A Bloody Good Cruise, Author Diana Rubino takes us on a cruise ship filled with writers. Mona, their hostess and planner uses the cruise as a way to bring writers together
as well as promote her own books. Ok, she does have another motive and
that is to be close to the love of her life, Fausto Silvius, who is the
cruise ship’s doctor and yes he is a vampire. But there is danger in
paradise. That danger comes in the form of those who are known as the
“Vampire Ball Busters.” They believe all vampires are bad and are
devoted to eradicating them. But what happens when one of the Ball
Busters ends up being “turned?” I’ll not tell. You’ll have to read the
book to find out.
Diana Rubino has done it again. She has taken a topic that most view as horror, turned it into humor and written another book. Oh yeah, she has thrown in some really heated sex along the
way. I have to admit, I did enjoyed reading A Bloody Good Cruise,
humor, sex and all.

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