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A Corpse in the Soup - Morgan St. James & Phyllice Bradner, Authors

A Corpse in the Soup - Reviewed by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

Some one is sabotaging the cooking show of America's favorite Chef. Food testers are coming down with food poisoning, the Baked Alaska is blowing up and the paprika is as hot as Hades. But who would do this and why?

When I was young I enjoyed playing the board game "Clue." What made this game so much fun were the characters. So now I want to introduce you to the characters of A Corpse in the Soup. Let's see if you can determine "who done it" in this story of colorful characters.

Godiva Olivia Duboise - writes a syndicated column titled Ask G.O.D. Resides in L. A. And loves to solve other people's problems. Married, widowed, left very rich.

Goldie Silver - identical twin of Godiva. Owns and operates the Silver Spoon Antiques in Juneau, Alaska. Even though she is identical in looks to Godiva she is actually a "mirror" twin. While Godiva's clothes come straight from the designers, Goldie's come straight from the Salvation Army. Godiva has a fleet of expensive cars in her garage while Goldie drives an old clunker.

Chili Pepper - Daughter of Goldie and Red Pepper (Goldie kept her maiden name for the shop). Sous-Chef on her father's Alaskan cruise ship the Aurora Borealis. Gets a call from Godiva inviting her to attend the taping of "Flirting with Food" where Godiva is chosen to be a food tester and ends up in the hospital with food poisoning.

Flossie Silver - Mother of Godiva and Goldie. Sterling Silver - Uncle of Godiva and Goldie. Both Flossie and Sterling are retired vaudeville magicians. And they, like Godiva love to solve other people's problems.

Chef Caesar Romano - Star of "Flirting with Food." Cooked and served the shrimp that put Godiva in the hospital with food poisoning. Swears someone is sabotaging his food. Ends up becoming Godiva's biggest fan and admirer.

Chef Biff Wellington - star of his own cooking show and known as the "Aerobic Chef". Will be competing against Caesar Romano in the annual competition of "Gourmet Gladiators". Hates his competition and swears that he will be this year's winner.

Candy Vanderloop - ex-assistant to Chef Caesar Romano, now working with Chef Biff Wellington. Has a big crush on Romano. Finds out that Wellington is a real pain to work with and for.

Chris Cross - office assistant to Chef Biff Wellington. Has his own problems working with and for Wellington. Teams up with Candy to create their own show.

Now, with names like these you know this is going to be a very funny, entertaining book. But this is also a murder mystery so one of these characters must die. In fact the victim is murdered and found face down in a bowl of soup.

Goldie sums it up quite well with her words... "All I wanted was a quiet buying trip. Instead, my sister gets poisoned, then dates the guy who poisoned her, who hires my daughter, then he gets arrested for killing his rival, we try to help out and almost get carved up by a wacko writer and our savior is a sweet little girl who turns out to be a kamikaze Black Belt. This could only happen in L.A."

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