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A Dead Red Cadillac - R. P. Dahlke, Author

A Dead Red Cadillac – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘I hung up, and with hands that palsied, I grabbed the nearest set of keys and drove our old farm truck into Modesto.  I ignored the familiar rattling of the loose drive shaft, the torn vinyl headliner, the missing door handle, and the growing spider web of broken windshield on the passenger side.  The drive was a no-brainer, one where I can easily divide my attention between the road and work schedules before hitting the outskirts of the nearest mall.  But, not today.  I couldn’t stop thinking about Caleb’s words.  Of all the answers to the whereabouts of my car, not in a million years would I have guessed that my Caddy would be found tail fins sticking out of the shallow end of Turlock Lake.  And behind the wheel, neatly buckled into her safety belt, was none other than the blue ribbon winner in this year’s county fair’s jam making contest, Patience McBride.’

Lalla Bains has had a few mishaps in the last few days.  Her Ag-CAT plowed into a row of tomatoes while making an emergency landing, breaking her leg.  Her dad, who owns the plane and the crop dusting company that she was flying for, would never believe it wasn’t pilot carelessness that caused her to make a crash landing.  And now her best friend Caleb, who is also the sheriff, has just informed her that he has found her bright red Caddy in the lake with a dead body in the driver’s seat.  So she can’t fly and now she can’t even drive her luxury car around town.

Patience McBride was a widow who kept to herself and never bothered anyone, so why would anyone kill her?  Well, since it was Lalla’s car she was in and she herself has become a suspect, Lalla has decided to find out.  Her first suspect becoming Patience’s nephew who appears in town around the same time as her murder.  He seems to be quite a smooth talking con artist, especially with the women, Lalla included.  Making him less and less of a suspect in her eyes but not in Caleb’s.  The confusion really starts when Eddy steps into the picture.  After taking a couple of shots at Lalla, in her own home, she is able to knock him out with a book end only to have her own father Noah turn him lose.

Another roller coaster ride of suspects and murders.  Author R P Dahlke has given us the works with A Dead Red Cadillac – murder, mystery, suspense and humor.  About half way through the book I was given 1 clue that lead me to the person I felt was the killer.  The more I read, the more I doubted my conclusion.  It wasn’t until the end the last few pages that I was able to determine if I was right or wrong.

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