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A Kiss of Life - Brian L. Porter, Author

Kiss of Life – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
The Dream - ‘As he drew nearer she’d smile at him; that alluring, evocative, sensuous smile that invited all manner of thoughts to enter his mind and at the
same time cause all logic and reason to depart from his soul. Her
lips, deeply red and luscious in their invitation drew him toward her,
the heaving of her more than ample bosom drawing his eyes as he came to
within a few meters of the stunningly gorgeous creature that beckoned him even
closer. She took a pace in his direction, the thin material of her
dress parting to reveal the long, shapely and perfectly formed legs
that held the promise of so much more… Christina’s lips parted to reveal
her pure pristinely white
, two of which had already grown unusually and abnormally
long. Those teeth now appeared to take on a life of their own as they
grew in length before his eyes, no longer teeth, but brilliantly pointed
Alan Dexter is a journalist who met Christina Radaluc, another journalist, about a year ago while investigating the “Vampire Murders” that
appeared to be taking place in the mountainous region of Transylvania. After
solving this “bloody” mystery, he had not seen nor heard from her
since. That is until the dream started.
Dexter doesn’t believe in telepathy but with the intensity of the dream, he senses that Christina is in some kind of danger. After calling the news agency where Christina worked, Dexter
was told that she had been missing for two months. So Dexter decides
that a trip to the Carpathian
to find Christina was in order. He also decided to
solicit the aide of another journalist and good friend Karen Bailey.
Together the two set out on a journey that will take them into areas
they wouldn’t want to experience even in their dreams.
I’ve now read everything published by Brian L. Porter and I’m always amazed at his imagination and ability to hold the reader’s attention, no matter what
the subject might be. Kiss of Life is a sequel to Dracula Doesn’t Live Here
Anymore and what a sequel it turned out to be. This one has an ending
that I never saw coming, even in my dreams.
Mythica Publishing
92 Pages
ISBN # 978-1-907108-08-2

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