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A Lesson in Murder - Augustus Cileone, Author

A Lesson in Murder - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

'George Wheeler sat in the driver's seat, looking as lifeless as the car in which he was
sitting. On the seat next to him, was a stuffed animal which looked
like Walt Disney's Pluto. A large, flat, hardback book lay open in his
lap. Wheeler's usual black horn-rimmed glasses had been replaced with
large, bright yellow-framed spectacles. Barnum again peered in the
window quickly. Wheeler's tan, healthy-looking face had been smeared
with what appeared to be charcoal ashes.'

George Wheeler usually met with his advertising agent at 6:30 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays for their jogs in the park. During this time, Wheeler who was
in the pharmaceutical business would pitch ideas to Barnum as they ran.
But as Barnum soon found out, Wheeler had performed his last job and
pitched his last idea. Someone had murdered him.

Maxwell Hunter is an English teacher for Eastern Friends School in Pennsylvania.
Eastern Friends School (EFS) was originally a private school for the
wealthy but had started adding a few students, through grants, that were
exceptionally intelligent. Hunter has a passion for mystery solving
and is a stickler for details. That and Hunter's familiarity with the
people involved prompted Lt. Frank DiSalvo to ask Hunter for his help in
solving the murder of George Wheeler. But, as it turns out, Wheeler
wasn't the only one to be murdered and each murder is in some way
connected with the school.

As I read A Lesson in Murder I found myself second guessing my own ideas as to who the killer was. And I have to say that I was surprised
with the ending. I had several suspects in mind but never really
narrowed it down to one. I really enjoyed reading A Lesson in Murder and recommend it to
anyone who would like a quick read mystery.

1st Edition 2007
Oak Tree Press
185 pages
ISBN 978-1-892343-03-1

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