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A strange story about Adolf Hitler which though not confirmed provides perhaps a different angle to this man; so notorious in the annals of history.

It happened one day during the early stages of W.W. II, before Germany took the fatal decision to invade the Soviet Union yet after France had fallen to the onslaught of what was already known as the “Blitz Krieg”. It in fact took place during those days of the “Battle of Britain” that Hitler installed cameras in all places; which included the toilets used by both the ladies and gentlemen. The reason for Hitler’s decision regarding these cameras perhaps was to keep better track of how efficiently his people worked or if they had any plans of treason yet regardless of which it was in secret that they were placed.

Hitler for his part however received a huge surprise when one of his cameras caught; of all people, Rudolph Hess masturbating in the toilet. Naturally, at first the Fuehrer was furious at the sight of seeing one of his top people involved in such an act yet no man is without having good points and Hitler not being the exception decided to hear Hess out before reaching a verdict. This coming in contrast to Stalin, who would have executed him for less.

Hess in his defense made a statement along these lines “The reason I masturbate is because I don’t have time to find a woman, given that all I do is work for mine Fuehrer, many times 18 hours a day. Himmler, Goering, and Goebbels all have not only wives but mistresses, while I do not have time to find even a wife let alone a lover”.

Hitler was said to have been impressed by Hess’s reply as how could he fault a man who did nothing but work for him, so it was that he forgave Hess and even gave him time off from work to find himself a wife. This even being an order, so Hess would no longer be reduced to having to take matters in to his own hands when it came to sexual relief.

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