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A TANGLED WEB -- A Review of "Web of Tyranny"

WEB OF TYRANNY is a powerful book about difficult subjects. And WEB OF TYRANNY could have been an uncomfortable book, yet it is not. Author Laurel-Rain Snow's easy and engaging writing style completely draws the reader in as this ultimate survival story unfolds. Equal parts bold frankness and heartfelt sentimentality, WEB OF TYRANNY will keep you turning all 599 pages.

WEB OF TYRANNY takes us deep into the life of Meg, beginning when she is about 10 years old. Meg is terrified of her father, but she does not know why, or when, her fear began. She is totally controlled by him and dreams only of freedom, control of her own life, and a college education. Her strength of will is evident as she strives to accomplish these goals. With the timid, hidden help of her mother, and the strong, vibrant help of her grandmother, Meg makes it to college and freedom in her own apartment, and she seems to be gaining control of her life. However, it appears that fate is against her when Meg marries Bob, who turns out to be just as controlling and manipulative as her father. Meg soon gives birth to a son, and she realizes that, again, she must make a break, and take control of her life. But every time she gets ahead, Meg unconsciously sabotages her own efforts. But, with the help of caring, independent, strong, confidant, women friends, Meg confronts her past, her internal turmoil, and her own flaws.

Ms. Snow's writing style is very compelling as she spins a wonderful web of words, creating interesting, sympathetic images that draw the reader in. WEB OF TYRANNY is a fictionalized story based on real life events - painful and touching at the same time. Her characters are real, flawed, and not always likeable, but Ms. Snow makes you care anyway. WEB OF TYRANNY is not at all fast paced, but at the same time, I couldn't put this book down.

Set mostly in the 1960s, WEB OF TYRANNY could have felt dated, but it did not. The women's issues explored and exploded here are as relevant today as they were 50 years ago. While not my usual genre, I am more than thrilled to have had the honor to read this book. It took me out of my comfort zone, into a new world, and kept me immersed until the very end.

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