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Adam’s Treasure (an Historical Romance that will keep you turning the pages) – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘Oh, my! What have I done? To ride away with a man who had put his hands under her skirt, tried to steal her prize, and broke into her bedroom didn’t make
much sense. However, staying there with that other man, Dawson, coming
after her had not been a possibility. But had she been kidnapped, or
had she gone willingly? The lines were blurred. To be sure, she had not
fought Mr. Skelding after he dumped her out the window. Where could
she go but with him? Her mother had taught her, better the devil you
know, than to meet the devil you don’t. She had made a split-second
decision to go with the agent.’

Put yourself in Marilla Logan’s position. She had left New Jersey after the deaths of her family, finds herself working in Smythe Tavern, deep in the south, shortly after the end of the Civil War and there
laying on the floor is a packet that just might be her ticket out of
this nasty job and town. Little does she know but this “little ticket
out” becomes a “big ticket to trouble.” Apparently a group that calls
itself the Knights of the Golden Circle
are in the process of organizing another up rise within the south. And
the man with his hand up her skirt, trying himself to retrieve the
packet, is none other than Pinkerton Agent Adam Skelding. His mission –
find the hidden monies and treasures before it can be used to finance
this uprise. His problem, other than Marilla – the letters contained in
the packet are in code.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Adam’s Treasure. I never skip to the back of a book when reading and since the resources were listed at the back, I had no idea as to how much research and
actually facts went into the writing of Adam’s Treasure. I know why the book was so believable. If you enjoy Historical Romances, you will love this book.

The Wild Rose Press
Publishing History
303 Pages
ISBN# 1-60154-753-6

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