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And Murder for Dessert- Kathleen Delaney, Author

And Murder for Dessert – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

Ellen’s plans for her day sound relaxing. ‘I had decided that Tuesday

was mine. Mark, who hadn’t been fired, was at the
winery. So was Sabrina, who hadn’t been arrested, and they had Paris with them. Jake
and I were going to clean house. Monday, I had taken two listings,
written one offer, and then spent the evening alone with Jake, sitting on the front porch.

I wondered what had happened at Lighthouse Winery that had Mark and
Sabrina so upset, why Frank had sold his restaurant, why Otto had let
Jolene stay at his place for free, and why she wanted to. Mostly I
wondered what Dan was doing.’

Ellen McKenzie is a recently divorced, moved back to the old home and town, real estate agent who has been informed by her sister that her niece Sabrina
and her husband Mark would be staying with her until they found their
own place. Mark is a wine master who left his last job under mysterious
circumstances that he nor Sabrina want to discuss. Dan is the
significant other in Ellen’s life that wants to become her next
husband. He’s also the Chief of Police. Frank is Mark’s dad who is a
temperamental chef that sold his own restaurant for reasons he doesn’t
want to divulge. And then there’s Otto who is another temperamental
chef that has been hired to create a dinner at the winery with the
dishes being complimented by the wines. But, Otto’s temperament ends up
in disaster for Otto as well as others who are connected to the winery.

In And Murder for Dessert, author Kathleen Delaney created characters that are so realistic. There’s Aunt Mary that you want to
find yourself wishing you had an aunt like. There’s Jake the cat that
you want to cuddle with. Otto who you would like to throw something at
before he throws something at you. Jolene the reporter who you want to
slap just for the heck of slapping her. And Carlton who you want so
desperately to get caught in one of his own schemes.

So who will die and who will commit the murder? The suspects are many and the clues are few. I can say, I was and I wasn’t surprised at who the
murder turned out to be but. The ending could have gone several ways. And

Murder for Dessert
was a very enjoyable book to read.

Poisoned Pen Press
241 pages
ISBN# 978-1-59058-423-1

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