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Angela Gheorghiu As Dona Anna And I As Don Giovanni

A fictional story of my erotic fantasies that include Angela Gheorghiu and myself playing the roles of Dona Anna and Don Giovanni.

Our story takes place in Seville back in the days when I, Don Giovanni would go on my nightly prowls in search
of a damsel to fulfill in the delight of her lust with the passion of my desire yet my memory takes me to one
particular conquest. It coming on the evening on which my faithful Leporello
and I decided to attend the opera.

The air of the night was warm as is often the case in Seville during the months of summer as I sat in my balcony seat at the opera house with Leporello by my side. I, naturally
as always had chosen appropriate attire for an occasion of such elegance that
would include not only the opera but the sight my eyes as well as ears would
get of the soprano; Angela Gheorghiu. I in all truth had heard so much about Angela
Gheorghiu yet this night would be for me to benefit from this lady whose beauty
and talent had been the subject of many a toast in Seville ever since her
performance was announced.

For my part as I waited must admit was planning the approach which would be used in my eventual seduction of this most beautiful yet from my sources; very capricious
diva of the world of opera. My wait however was not prolonged, as it did not
take long for her to come out on to the stage which was the world of her
creation; where she like a queen ruled all she surveyed. Angela Gheorghiu’s was
stunning to say the least, as her beauty out shown even the image that preceded
her with features of the woman of glamour she was and not just in the clothes
of a queen she wore but her body of pure womanhood and sexuality; not limited
to curves but the way she moved on stage as she performed for all yet to me
hers was for my exclusive benefit.

Angela Gheorghiu was many things that night as her body glided over the stage from one end to the other in this opera which was solely brought to live by her and all
that comprised the lady she was yet in all my attention was captivated by her face
and the expressions it created as she acted out her part. She at times
transforming from a woman of distinction to a willful child, who gave the
impression of having the whole world at her disposal. This being apparent in
her facial gestures yet in all her brown eyes could not go unnoticed as they in
their size and exquisiteness let out all too clearly their intension along with
the rest of her angelic face which had a certain charm about it to accompany its

Angela Gheorghiu being from Rumania had the blackest of hair which seemed to match the night for not only
loveliness but mystery; as it caught the stage lights in a way as to reflect
the appearance of stars from this mane so womanly in its shape which extended
beyond her shoulders. She was a delight to watch yet in all I was also captured
by my desires, for my visions were not limited to what passed before my eyes on
stage but the fantasies of us being created in the spectrum of my mind. As Angela
Gheorghiu sang with almost orgasmic expressions on her face, I could envision
them as a product of our carnality as my ear interpreted her high soprano voice
as moans created from rapture.

Angela Gheorghiu at times even seemed to be flirting with her audience, as if inviting them to dream of her in their fantasies, to the women as they might wish to
resemble her whilst to the men she seemed to be provoking them to demonstrate
on to her the valor of their gender. All this being in eyes that she did so,
added to a voice to fill the audience as if a delicate spray of sea breeze to
delight not merely the sense of hearing but that of the spirit; as it might
take flight to the fantasy held in all that she was.

The opera would come to an end as is always the case yet to me it was as if I had been witnessing another spectacle than that of those who were about me in the
auditorium that was this opera house. Angela Gheorghiu would naturally be
showered with roses for her performance merited every single flower and cheer
delivered yet for myself; mine would be to catch her eye as by the end I had
gone down to where the stage was to toss a huge bouquet of red roses. This
being my gallantry for the evening which came to the attention of the lovely
Angela who but smiled upon me; (as she picked up the roses) who being caught by
her gaze merely placed my hand upon my heart and bent my body as I took my leave.

The opera had ended yet to me this was but the start of what would be the evening with Angela Gheorghiu, for with all my sources mine had been to find out at what hotel she
was staying at with the man whose vows she had accepted in matrimony. To many a
gentleman such a union might serve but to discourage them from the persuasion
of such a woman who be involved in marriage to another man yet I, being of a
noble heart and not a jealous nature am not one to disturbed by such a minor
inconvenience; would proceed with my plan of seduction. For this above all was
mine in life as an obligation to bring on to all ladies the joy of my fantasies
of the flesh. This regardless of weather they be married or not, rich or poor,
of noble or simple birth, of body delicate in frailty or plentiful in flesh for
to my perception all were deities of their gender and it was no less my desire
that theirs should be to experience the heavenly delights of human pleasure.

I, naturally being a noble was one who could find ways were others might be limited in their possibilities; it being this precise ability which would allow me to enter
Angela Gheorghiu’s room while my sources of information had let it be known to
me that her husband would not be about on the night that was to be this one. It
was with the knowledge that I planned to enter her room in the middle of the
night and being so Angela would take me for her husband who had come back
unexpectedly to render her a surprise yet hers would be of another variety not
to be described till our climatic moment was done.

Angela was staying in a hotel which I being a man of property owned, this making it possible for me to have access to what ever key be needed to open any door
which might hide the treasures my desires sought out. The night was splendorous
in its generosity of stars to exhibit their light on to those below while the
heat of summer was no less unselfish in causing those to be exposed to it to
perspire in their passions. This while I for my part as always in my tradition
wore my mask as I entered Angela’s room in the apartments which though she knew
not of had been chosen for her by myself; ever careful that this diva receive the
grandest my hospitality had to offer.

The sight of Angela Gheorghiu as an angel in slumber was the fashion in which she greeted me as I sneaked in to her room. I walking ever so silently as to imitate the soft
breeze of summer from her open window approached Angela’s bed to expose my
senses ever more to the delicate sensual aroma of her body. It not being one to
exit a bottle but that of Angela’s inspirations of the night to hail me ever
nearer to where she lay in oblivion to what my passion held for her; who lay
not under covers but in elegant delicate wares of temptation.

As I walked over to where I stood above Angela, I gazed upon her who slept exposing her angelic features to the sky above while she was sound in the sleep of the night
yet as I focused on her face; I noticed expressions as if her dreams had
transported her to where all was joy or such did her smile expose in what was
her nocturnal rest. So much inspiration did she provide, all making it clear
that the time was upon that I take to the activities which had brought me to
the place ever so blessed with Angela’s presence.

I then at the foot of her bed bent to where my view was limited to her legs and the passage leading through the gown of the night which her body displayed to the
rose of her womanhood. It being my sight of the night which was followed by the
stroke of my finger ever so slightly on her foot to glide upward toward where
all desires ended much in the manner rivers did likewise on to the sea. How
this sense of mine delighted in the flesh of her legs of she who had yet to
come out of the ways of slumber. The feel of hers was as fine silk to raise my
arousal ever further yet as my touch continued the course of her leg it became
my tongue to take to the ways of the green eyed monster; in wanting to make its
presence known to the lady I so much held in my desires.

It was at this point that my tongue could not hold its place for it knew itself to be on the trail marked by my longing which led my hands to open the robe which had been
hiding the body of the one my tender thoughts held in such high esteem. The
sight of Angela Gheorghiu in complete nudity was one of such powerful lust yet
delicate beauty that it seemed to me, I was contemplating one of sheer
perfection; as if hers be what my fantasies had always dreamed yet my mind had
never held conscious of. Angela’s legs bearing the shape as to grab the stares
of any whose eyes they should pass in front of while the rose of her womanhood
black as the crown of her glory to cover her head as this one did the most
intimate area of her femininity. Arising further my view took in all the grandness
of breasts so supple in their bounty to include not only all the beauty of her
gender but areoles of a color to match roses yet hers had a life of their own.

Angela’s face however was the main attraction in all this that she was, her features perhaps not always being of ideal proportion yet this mattered not for in their
details they expressed an exquisiteness not to be described in words save emotions
which manifested themselves in so many shades. This as to include her joy when
she sang or her capricious nature when she walked about others or the fashion
in which her smiles gave the impression of being slightly laced with orgasmic
ecstasy. I at that point did nothing but look upon her for what must have been
but a minute in which my eyes almost caressed her face ever so delicately yet
in all she started to woke. As if my stare had been not limited to merely that
which held no solid contact but had in fact struck her with some of the
intensity of my contemplation.

My moment had arrived as it would be then or never, for I as a great lover was all too aware that passion was what had its time which needed to be captured; for when
allowed to escape the spirits of desire might not provide a return. I was ready
to give all to this lady who ruled the night like a queen as the aria she had
sung in the earlier part of the evening to make my fantasies take flight.

My tongue by now I could not limit, as it took the path slowly ever marking its way to the rose of Angela’s desire which started to awake in its moisture even before
she did; as my hands also felt the divinity yet in all she had not fully
awaken. My taste did not take long in arriving at the point of the curls which
served as cover for this most intimate passage of Angela’s anatomy and as it
did; it was delicate kisses that covered its charm while my imagination was
further motivated by her perfume of excitement.

Now these kisses took on further aggression, forgetting all caution that she might not awaken which became replaced with urgency that she might become an active
member on to what was already a feast of carnality. Angela’s turn came to
awaken and as she did in ignorance of my being claimed “Roberto, my dear you
are back to your Angela” yet I not being the man tied to her in marriage whom
she believed me to be held silence while her hands found place upon my head as
my tongue intruded itself upon her dampness. Angela’s legs at that moment with
all the force given them by the nature of her impetuousness wrapped themselves
around my head as I might not elude the duty; of tasting from her to provide
the sensation that might spread all about her body. In all I looked up not for
mine might be discovered yet also as my wish was not to be distracted from the
affairs of what was of such a palatable nature as to make my thirst not be
quenched from merely my tongue but the whole of my mouth to want to extract
from her source.

I at this point was no longer conscious if Angela was still under the impression that I might be her husband, Roberto but this no longer held the weight of importance
it had at the start for I could hear her voice sing out in phrases of ecstasy
to equal those she tended to display at the opera house. Angela had always
seemed to me to be a fickle child who was granted the wish of her every desire
for reasons of not only her unquestionable beauty but talent and to me at this
moment nothing could have been clearer as she with force of hands pushed my
wanting deeper in to her rose. As mine as one of a generous soul of delivering
was never to deny ladies of loveliness.

My tongue’s activity in Angela’s rose however had left my root with a sense of envy which I needed to remedy before the night was over; as it would be unjust if it did not
get to make an appearance in the same sacred stage where upon my tongue had
performed. It being at that point after our bodies had been introduced to each
other in an act of intimacy that all became facilitated to where we moved as a
couple in a dance in which the steps are dictated by the music and both merely
follow it. This being what transpired as Angela changed the position of her
body to where she exposed her round bottom to me with apparent intensions that
my root make its presence felt where my tongue had just done so. I could see
her eyes as lovely as those on stage and as she looked at me in the dark that
made outlines and little else visible, I as the dancer I was did not need to
have explained what step should proceed.

This was what I had desired for so long and it was about to arrive yet as mine has always been, it is the knowledge that wisdom dictates not to rush those moments
leading up; for they are the essence of what awaits at the end. I gradually
took the step in our dance of moving to where my hands I placed on her waist
while my root advanced to the entrance of Angela’s rose. This the place where
its small point was but ready to enter the sanctity of Angela’s sexuality.

The moment was brief yet significant as Angela and I started upon the act of making love with my root letting Angela feel the passion of one who simply had to posses
what he longed for, as to him passion meant suffering to the point where it was
to obtain or not be. Ours in a way was like a duet in which we both knew not
only our lines but that of the other; as if this had been an aria we had sung
many times in the past yet we engaged in the ultimate act of intimacy between a
man and a woman for the first time and as we did my root could feel the
excitement in Angela’s rose. It entering only to exit to do the motion over and
over, as her moisture was all my senses encountered as my hands continued to
hold Angela from where ours would be deeper as waves of ecstasy were sent through
out. I, however concentrated on Angela’s face as she turned to capture my
expression yet in all I could see her eyes; almost childlike in their joy as if
she had just received that which he had truly desired and longed to show all to
what extent she was in delight.

Naturally, I for my part continued my strokes in this most lovely part of Angela’s body which she almost like a spoilt child, not content with what it could provide on
its own; squeezed with the lust of her rose as to make me feel a ring being
made tight. This being a sensation of wonder as her hands reached back to tease
the source of my wanting which they did so with delicate caresses in a fashion
similar to mine on her womanly mounds.

The intensity of her moves continued as did mine which brought us closer to the
end of our aria where our voices would meet in a finale and as this came Angel’s
soprano voice claimed so much in what was not expressed in lyrics but notes of
such a high nature as to equal la Traviata.
Of course, I could think of her on stage and how thousands
admired her with many of the gentlemen wishing their place was mine at the
moment while many a woman held her in envy for not only her voice but look of
female divine. It had build up for long yet our moment arrived when our voices
did so simultaneously in bliss manifested in a spray of freshness much like the
rain on days of heat matched by a tremor for her whose body shuttered.

Ours perhaps should have ended as the song came to its conclusion and perhaps it would have been for us to declare the evening a part of the past with me taking leave
yet Angela like a dancer who wishes to stay on the floor for another song; smiled
like a child who needed to be indulged beyond what had been. Angela then lay
upon her back almost as if she intended to go back to sleep yet her eyes
invited me to dance another number; as if an orchestra had already started the
music. Angela’s and mine would be to make love in the most conventional of
positions yet there was something which intrigued me about being so close to
her as our eyes met even if mine were covered by a mask.

My root once again penetrated Angela’s garden yet this time her rose felt with more intensity as our bodies became wrapped with the other’s as her legs clung to my
torso with strength to equal the one they had applied upon my head when my
tongue had made the same journey. Angela and I were in another dance though the
music was the same intense rhythm as before with our actions being similar yet
I observed her face more clearly as it made gestures which I had often seen her
perform on stage. It being as if she were vocalizing an aria just for he; who
was prompting her to perform at her peak.

Angela was an angel floating in ecstasy or so did her expressions declare as she pressed upon my root with her rose to claim that she was the one to control, for she
was a diva beyond any to make use upon what her whims but dictated yet in her
there was a sweetness. It being like a child who few have the character to ever

Again our voices would end this aria in harmony of perfection to be marveled by the two of us in pure delight yet time was upon that I should take my leave. This being
apparent in the manner our eyes communicated though utterance of words did not
come as our dance came to a stop yet as I was about to part; I could not help
but borrow another glace at her who lay as if floating on a cloud. Mine not
being a stare but admiration of a playful child, who in a quick jest to catch me
off guard, stroked the source which had united us with the soul of her foot; as
if to pet a small creature which had given her merriment.

I then got up as our eyes had claimed our good bye and I probably would have left without a second thought but memories of what had been when I, at the door heard
Angela’s voice cry out “please take one of the flowers you gave me for my
performance tonight”. It being these words that caused me to deviate from my
routine of departing as soon as the romance was over and stop to turn around in
the light of the moon and take off my mask; since apparently my identity was
known. Angela did not speak further as she with hand stretched out held out one
of the roses she wished to return yet I could not take her flower; for mine was
to continue our dance till light of morning which though the years have passed
has still to arrive.

ęłęMy name is Gianni Truvianni, I am an author who writes with the simple aim of sharing his ideas, thoughts and so much more of what I am with those who are interested in perhaps reading something new. I
also am the author of the book entitled “
New York’s
Opera Society

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