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Be the Star You Are! for Teens - Cynthia Brian, Author

Be the Star You Are! For Teens – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘The three tools for being a star and living your dream:

1. Smile – When you smile, you can’t be sad. A smile brightens
the lives of those you meet, and their joy bounces back to you.

2. Have Fun – Every moment is more satisfying when you decide to
be playful Having fun is adjusting your attitude so even life’s
emergencies can be met with style and seen in perspective.

3. Be Wild and Whacky – Taking measured risks and putting yourself
in potentially uncomfortable situations could be beneficial. Ask for
what you want and don’t be afraid of failure. Remember that failure is

I could actually sit here and write a 10 page review for Be the Star You
Are and still not cover everything. This book is one I plan to keep
within reach at all times. The short stories are actually life
experiences of not just the author Cynthia Brian but other that have
contributed as well. The topics range from Achievements and Adapting to
Dating and Letting Go. This book is written for teens but I’ve found
them useful for all ages.

As I read the different stories, I found myself relating to most. Some
from my younger years and some from my “older” years. I also found
myself wishing there had been a book like this around when my own
children were growing up. Be the Star You Are is actually more than
stories. Author Cynthia Brian has included exercises that will help
teach through action. In the chapter “The Gift of Affirmation” story
author Davis Lunsford talks about his pastor sending a handwritten
letter and a dollar bill every time Davis’ name appeared in the paper.
To Davis, the letter was more important than the publicity and the
dollar bill combined. In the exercise, Cynthia Brian suggests you write
a letter to someone who encouraged you in the past. She suggests that
you write a letter to someone you would like to pat on the back and then
write a letter to yourself picking out something positive you’ve been

One of my favorite chapters is called “The Gift of Financial Literacy”
by story author Heather Brittany. Heather talks about allowances and
how they were not a part of her and her brother’s lives. Instead, their
mother allowed them to earn points. Instead of paying them to do
household tasks, their mom created a point system. They made up a list
of the things they both really wanted. Then there was a number of
points attached to acquire each item. They listed things like movies,
backpacks, special meals, bicycles, skateboards, skis, and even trips.
When they saved enough points, they could cash them in for the items
they wanted. Their mother even kept a bulletin board which showed the
weekly tally of their points. They were being taught to work, earn and
save their own money and spend it with care.

I could go on and on about the stories and lessons taught in Be the Star
You Are. To me, this is a book that needs to be read by everyone with
children. Actually it would benefit everyone to not just read this book
but to listen and learn as you read. If my kids happen to read this
review, you can bet that you will each be receiving a copy for Christmas
this year in hopes that you too will find the stories and exercises
helpful during the growing up stages of your own children.


Morgan James Publishing

289 pages

ISBN# 978-1-60037-632-0

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