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Beaufort Falls - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

The characters of Beaufort Falls:

Molly age 8 and Tessie age 5 are the daughters of JD. Both children are well experienced in keeping a spotless house and making dinner for their father. And they both know the consequences that will be paid if it’s not done perfectly.

Molly is little Tessie's guardian angel until she is placed in a mental hospital for children after setting a fire at her home. As mysterious things start to happen on her first night in the hospital she quickly becomes an outsider and keeps to herself until she meets Mickey or RatBoy as she fondly calls him.

After Molly is taken away Tessie has to take full responsiblity for the housework and cooking for her father. She knows she must be perfect or her punishment will be severe. But this abuse comes to an end when JD’s lady friend Anna, who is also a social worker, sees him beating little Tessie. She’s taken away and is placed in the home of Anna who is quite taken with her sweet, loving personality.

JD is a God fearing, ex-circuit preacher/mechanic who rules the girls with strong punishment, preaching and prayers. He also enjoys filing law suits against anyone that crosses him, including the hospital where he is treated after wrecking his truck, being poisoned, bitten by hundreds of baby Black Widow spiders and attacked by Ghost the dog.

Charlie is the ex-lover of JD’s deceased wife Eliza who was the only woman he ever really loved. But Charlie has a problem. His hobby is collecting and preserving human heads and calling them his friend.

Verbena is the ex-girlfriend of JD and later Charlie but when she discovers Charlie’s hobby she finds herself living in a cave in hopes of not becoming a part of his collection.

Spike and Virgil are 2 hit-men hired to kill JD before he tries to sue the only hospital in town. Their lack of success leaves the hospital director up in air since they were paid before the job was actually done.

Ghost is a mysteriously beautiful white dog that protects Molly and Tessie and loves them both dearly.

Eliza – is JD’s late wife and mother of Molly and Tessie. Eliza died when Tessie was 2 but she’s not really gone. She watches over Molly and Tessie as they deal with their father and hopes to one day bring the 2 girls back together. She will stop at nothing to protect her children and will use everything within her spiritual powers to bring revenge on anyone that hurts them.

And then there is Mickey (RatBoy). He can't talk but he can read peoples minds and feelings. He can also appear just about anywhere and be seen only when he wants to be seen. He and a group of other boys from the hospital are preparing for the upcoming "Plan" that will save them all. But who is he and why are his feelings for Molly so deep and protective?

Beaufort Falls was one of the most complete books I’ve ever read. You have the bad guys and good guys but you also have the cluts that give the book humor. This turned out to be a book that I didn't want to put down until I had read every page.

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