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Blood Bar - Review by Matthew Morrison

All hell breaks loose, literally, in Norm Applegate's latest and greatest of the Kim Bennett series, Blood Bar. Norm's precisely detailed descriptions of unholy battles and unholier alliances between the world of vampire and human kept me turning page after page. Applegate's fusion of gothic mayhem and modern urban settings is seamless.

When the readers of Twilight grow up, they will thoroughly enjoy the gritty style of Applegate's storytelling. Readers and cult-like followers of Anne Rice's narratives should cautiously approach the wit and speed of Blood Bar's central characters. These semi-eternal beings will not aimlessly banter and brood. They are much more likely to leap off the page directly into minds of their unsuspecting victims. Once inside their host, they begin rapidly depleting the readers will to do anything except to submit to the sweet release of finishing (the book).

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