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Borealis A Space Anthology Book One - P. I. Barrington, J. Morgan, Gail R. Delaney, Authors


A Space Anthology Book One – Borealis – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
‘The Borealis is a hive of villainy where anything can be bought or sold – anything or anyone – if the price is right.  Once intended to function as a city unto itself when the universe first began to ‘shrink’ and Mankind spread out into the stars.  Exploration turned into domination.  Nearly a hundred years have passed since then, and now the Trans Planetary Protectorate (TPP) governs all.  The Borealis, once a thriving station, is now little more than a slum town, decrepit and crumbling.’
Story #1 Inamorate Crossing – P. I. Barrington, Author
Khai Zafara is a Lieutenant with the TPP.  Her sworn promise to herself is to track down every Rebellion possible in hopes of finding those who murdered her father.  Her present prisoner, Teyrnan Sajan, is in her care to be transported to Borealis and placed in their prison section called the Inferno.  Here prisoners are stripped of their dignity by addicting them to a drug they call Uudon.  Once a prisoner is sent to the Inferno, they are never seen nor heard from again.  But as Khai makes the trip to deliver her prisoner, she sees something in his eyes that tells her she may have once known him at one time.  Is he really as bad as they say?
Story #2 Kiss Me, Kate – J. Morgan, Author
Prince K’tlyn Byllvian Augustyne Dar of the Royal Pyernian Seat has embarked on a journey to find “The Professor.”  His search takes him to a bar, leads him into a bar fight without a weapon and lands him in the hands of Richelle Burton who turns out to be the Professor’s assistant.  As he explains his reason for needing to meet the Professor, Richelle takes pity on him and decides to help him herself.  His quest – he wants to become a man so he can defend his kingdom once he is made king.  But someone has put a price on his head.  So can Richelle turn him into a real man in time?
Story #3 – Forgive Us Our Debts – Gail R. Delaney, Author
Theron Kess is a mercenary that has been hired by King Saron Laroux to rescue his daughter Sarina who has been captured and taken to Borealis and imprisoned.  She is being held by Tandeth Joquit and is being used for his own amusement as he drugs her with Uudon to keep her weak and under control.  Theron’s rescue of the Princess takes place as the Rebellions lead an attack on the prison and when he finally finds her he also finds that she has an addiction to the deadly drug, making his rescue even more difficult due to her lack of cooperation.  But there is something pulling at Sarina’s memory that tells her Theron is not all he appears to be.
All three stories have been a joy to read.  These three authors are so in sync with their writing that I would have never guessed they weren’t written by the same person.  Each story has its own story but still brings you into the same atmosphere.  Each has mystery, suspense and love with a bit of humor added to Story #3 Kiss Me, Kate.  I have one thing to say to each of the authors, “please keep writing.”
Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
ISBN# 978-1-936000-61-6

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