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Breaking My Silence - Jane McCormick with Patti Wicklund,Author

When I was a teenager I remember a girl who everyone called a prostitute. Of course my parents would never allowed me to go anywhere near her because of her reputation. But I always had questions in my mind about her and other girls like her. I've never really understood what would make someone even think about going into this "profession." What in their childhood made them capable of selling themselves to pleasure men? Did they grow up with a low opinion of themselves? Were they abused as a child? Were they looking for something to fill an empty void in their lives? As they grew into adults why did they continue? Was it the money? Did they enjoy what they were doing? How did they get started? Were they forced into this line of "work?" And how do they ever quit? Do they wait until they are too old and no longer attractive to men?

All of these questions have been answered for me through my reading of Breaking My Silence. Jane McCormick takes you through her childhood, her start in the business and even into her life with some of her "Johns" from her "little black book." She tells of her abuse as a child, as an adult and finally her escape. After reading Breaking My Silence I saw Jane as a strong person who was determined to do whatever was needed to get her children back into her life and to do whatever it took to make her life as complete as possible without the prostitution. This was one of the most informative books I've ever read about a subject that is normally kept behind closed doors.

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