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Florida Author Yvonne Mason is not content to sit on her laurels with her latest release Silent Scream the true crime novel about Florida’s first serial killer Gerard Schaefer. She has just released through Kerlak Publishing in Tennessee her newest crime fiction Brilliant Insanity. Brilliant Insanity told in first person through the eyes of serial killer Lewis Reinhart is condemned to die in five days and has been allowed to tell his story. In Reinhart’s twisted and demented mind he is the victim and his victims are the true criminals. Reinhart wants to let the world know he was justified in his killings.
But Reinhart wants to tell more than his side of the story. He has a secret, in fact he has two secrets and he is so excited about being able to share these secrets with Mandy. In fact he has to share these secrets; he needs to share the secrets.
The question is will Mandy be able to handle the secret or will she slide down a slippery slope? Will Mandy be able to do that thing which Reinhart asks her to do in order to learn the secret?
Brilliant Insanity takes the reader inside the mind of a serial killer who not only is insane, he is also a genius. He knows how to use minds games to get into Mandy’s head, and those of his victims.
Ms. Mason once again, puts her readers inside the book. She puts the reader in the head of Reinhart and the emotions of those he plays and kills.
Ms. Mason also has released Stan’s Story, A Touch of Love, the true story of one man’s success at a time when failure was the only option.
Yvonne Mason is an author you will want to add to your library time after time. She brings the reader into her stories which stay with them long after the last page is turned.
Ms. Mason can be reached at and her website is

Her book can be purchased at, Barnes and Noble. Com and her online store at and fine stores everywhere.

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