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Christmas is a happy time of year giving of presents that give cheer.
Writing the list not thinking twice, I will get what I want isn’t that nice.
Got mops with her handles and frying pans the same way, what a gift for the little woman it ought to make her day.
The wife is in the kitchen I should give her a hand, but the game is on. Besides “I’m the man”.
The honey do list is mighty long, but my ole girl is mighty strong.
Bake that turkey, bake that ham, it better be good, if you want to keep this man.
Wash those dishes, clean them floors, and when you’re finished I’ll fined more chores.
Chop that wood put another log on the fire, I need my rest it’s my only desire.
I’m chained to a tree, she is angry with me no telling what she might do.
I would like to run I was only having fun, no sense of humor has she.
I wonder if I’ll be alright it is going below freezing tonight how ungrateful a woman can be.
The ropes are not that tight, that’s right I may be able to set myself free, for tonight is the night Santa Clause comes and Santa Clause is “Me”!
Have a Merry Christmas Everyone

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