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Crossroads - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

"Psychic Spying? The CIA, the Pentagon and the Russians Probe the Military Potential of Para-Psychological Spying" Washington Post, 1977.

"Mind-Altering Microwaves, Soviets Studying Invisible Ray," Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, November 22, 1976.

"V.S., a scientist from Kiev, claims that the practical testing of a 'new kind of weapon' based on the impact of certain frequencies on the human body occurred in 1965." Chicago Tribune, August 13, 1977.

While reading Crossroads, I couldn't help but think about the many books on the market that talk about controlling your life, wealth and desires by using your minds. 'If you want that new car bad enough, believe that you already have it in your possession.' 'If you want to loose weight, picture yourself at the weight you desire and "poof" you will obtain that weight.' I don't necessarily believe in these mind over matter promises but I can't
actually say that they are completely impossible. There have been times that I've thought about someone, have the phone ring and it be that same person I was thinking about. I've pulled into a parking lot during
a downpour of rain, found myself "lucky" in find a car pulling out of the perfect spot at the front of the store. And yes, I was probably thinking about finding that perfect spot when I left home. Maybe we do submit waves that are picked up by others. I'm not a scientist so I'll never know.

In Crossroads, this mind wave power is used not only to control the enemies of the users but it's also used to explore the unknown. If a man's mind can be trained to leave the body, travel thousands of miles, control the objects they are presuming, then why can't it travel into outer space, bringing back answers to our questions of "are we alone?" But what country will be the first to concur controlling the mind? Will it be the US? Russia? China?

I enjoyed reading Crossroads and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a truly intense spy/espionage read. Crossroads is a book that needs to be read with an open mind. Keeping in mind that it is fiction, or is it?

Published September, 2009
Asylett Press
268 pages
ISBN #1-934337-56-0

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