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Darkness I Weep - Julie A. D'Arcy, Author

Darkness I Weep – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘Lance screamed. Jimmy couldn’t think. He crawled away. The creature had Lance by the throat, he was… He had to get out! Across the cabin, out
the door, his hands slipped on the pickup’s door handle. He hurled the
flashlight, tried again and wrenched open the door. His breath came
short, sharp. The keys were in the ignition where Lance had left them.
Lance….what was that thing? He shook his head. Not now. As the engine
roared to life, he slammed the pickup into reverse and stomped on the
gas pedal. Tires screeched and churned up gravel. He swung the pickup
about, flicked on the headlights, and peered into the rear view mirror.
His blood froze. A large gray wolf stood outside the cabin staring
after him. He pushed his foot flat to the floor, the pickup roared and
he sped into the darkness, praying that hell would not catch up with
him and for Lance’s mortal soul.’

Alara Gale is a detective with the East Precinct. When Jimmy comes into the precinct, turns himself in for robbery and seeks their protection, both Alara
and her partner Sam Grayson are intrigued. Jimmy admits to the robbery
and insists that Lance was the one responsible for killing the shop
owner. He goes on to tell them that he and Lance had gone to an old
family place in the mountains to hide out only to be attacked by a
Vampire that can turn himself into a wolf. Sam is a non-believer but
Alara has seen what a vampire can do to a person. One such creature had
been responsible for the death of her childhood boyfriend, Ice. And
after checking the cabin, finding the blood drained body of Lance, Alara
is sure she is on the track of the same vampire responsible for Ice’s

Alara usually keeps to herself. She believes that if you don’t get close, you can’t get hurt. So when she goes into a bar one night and meets Vincent, she
surprises herself by taking him home for the night. Vincent turns out
to be the one person that Alara can’t seem to get enough of. Then the
bodies start turning up and suspicions are tossed around that Vincent
just might be a vampire.

True to their existence, vampires have no feelings nor souls. But what happens when a vampire is introduced to an Indian named Red-Cloud who claims he can
give back his soul? All heaven and hell both breaks loose with
excitement, pain, love, sorrow and death. Julie A. D’Arcy will keep
you on your toes with Darkness I Weep. She really had me rooting for
what should have been the bad guy. A really fast pace, well written

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