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Dead Witness - Joylene Nowell Butler, Author

Dead Witness – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

‘A long, narrow building, beyond the small shed, blocked her view. Valerie inched past a rusty engine leaning against the hut and peeked around the
corner. Two men in black tee shirts and black pants stood at the stern
of the sleek cabin cruiser docked at the wharf. Three more men stood
on the pier: One young, one old, one dangerously attractive. Facing
her, she could see he was perfect, in fact. Except, why was he wearing a
long, tan raincoat? Maybe she wasn’t the only unprepared foreigner.
No way would she interrupt their business. Two of them walked way. Mr.
Perfect, the handsome Latino in the tan raincoat, smiled after them.
His sensuous, slightly accented voice broke the silence. “Gentlemen,
please. It has been my experience that even in times of indecision, a
solution exists.” His arms spread wide as if to embrace them. The two
men stopped and turned back. Still smiling, the Latino reached inside
his raincoat and pulled out a gun. Valerie gawked at him. She heard a
pop. The older man fell backward onto the wharf. Pop. The younger
man’s head exploded. The man in the tan raincoat leaned down and fired a
third bullet in the older man’s head. The body twitched, then lay

Valerie McCormick is the mother of 3 beautiful daughters and wife to Ed. Ed owns a timber business in their home town of Prince George, Canada. In the process of trying to secure the business he runs across a possible client who has his eyes set on a boat docked in Seattle, Washington, so when Valerie wins a trip to Seattle, what better time to take pictures of the boat with hopes of scoring brownie points with the client. But when Valerie witnesses the murder of 2 men she decides she must do her duty and report it to the police. To her
relief, the police ended up arresting Miguel DeOlmos on a traffic
violation and now had him in jail. To her disappointment, after the
American FBI talked her into testifying against DeOlmos, he ends up
escaping during his trial. And to make matters worse Miguel DeOlmos is
the leader of one of the largest drug cartels
in the both North and South America. DeOlmos will stop at nothing to
keep from being tried in the US due to its death penalty and it’s not
beyond him to kill the only witness the FBI have against him.

Author Joylene Nowell Butler took me on a ride from Canada, Seattle, Nevada, California and then to Baja as FBI agent Mike Canaday chases DeOlmos while still doing everything in his power to keep Valerie
alive. Valerie comes up with her own ideas of how to capture DeOlmos
and ends up in the clutches of his psycho brother Vincente. Dead
Witness is a superbly written murder mystery that has everything from greed to murder to deceit and of course love. I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading Dead Witness.

Published by Joylene Nowell
278 pages
ISBN# 978-0-9810-3050-0

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